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(Archived) Cannot drag and drop from Skitch to Chrome Upload File Dialog Box

Josh Fialkoff

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@Josh - What earlier version of Skitch did you use that was able to drag and drop?

Also did you try Drag and Drop directly onto the Browse button for the website? Sometimes those work rather than any dialog system they utilize.

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(Considering you're still following comments on this other Chrome Drag/Drop discussion http://discussion.ev...o-chrome-gmail/ )

Joe, this DOES work for me (dragging directly to the "file upload button on a website"— at-least it did today on oDesk.com: screencast:

view full-screen on YouTube: http://go.cr8.cc/YAD2kX

In-fact, dragging the image to the comment field in this case actually ADVANCES the browser to view the file. I'm pretty sure the code in-place on oDesk is not "as modern" as other examples given— Gmail, (New)Basecamp.

I think the obvious difference is that the modern experience encourages drag/drop as part of their core functionality.

Here's another screencast I just recorded showing how Drag/Drop works on Safari, but not Chrome (on a Squarespace 6 site— where the target is specifically coded to accept a draggable asset)

view full-screen on YouTube: http://go.cr8.cc/114fQHy

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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