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  1. Heck yes— I've had this for over a year. I used to think it was when dragging over-top of SKETCH app, but I have it all the time. I would have it happen daily, but I've learned to COPY and paste-out, or export and continue.
  2. Animated gifs work now. 1. Save the gif locally 2. In Evernote, create a new post; click your mouse into the body of the post; go to FILE / ATTACH FILES; select gif.
  3. DOH! Evernote emails were all filtered (and missed). Sorry for raising-up the flag, but shouldn't there be a notification WITHIN THE APP?!? PLEASE?!? Now I need to figure out how to pay to get things the way they were previously. I was poised over the PAY button, but what if I cannot roll-back? All business notes are trashed; no longer any folders. Does paying return me to a previous state?
  4. Thanks @gazumped my ticket is: Ticket# 1798254 I've gone through settings and tried to figure something out, and cannot. My fear: if I extend premium, what happens to all files in my trash? If people are bashing Evernote for pricing updates, that's fine. But I have (had?) a business account because I have a business, and I need things in order. Now, there's nothing but mayhem in my account.
  5. Thanks. "Chat" is closed. Do they answer outside business hours? The world has been HATING on Evernote, and I assumed this was why, but I have no idea.
  6. Forgive me if this has been answered, but I'm honestly unsure how to phrase it, or where to start. This morning, my Evernote account/apps had what I'm always used to: PERSONAL and BUSINESS folders. This evening, I'm looking at a streamlined version (6.8 (453749 App Store)) that apparently updated without my consent (or warning?). I'm now a "PREMIUM" member instead of a "Business" user? I now have 1865 files in "TRASH", and looking through all the files in trash, they're all files I carefully and thoughtfully stored WHERE I WANTED THEM. WHAT HAPPENED? AT WHOM CAN I YELL? WHO CAN FIX THIS?
  7. Images download in Firefox, but on Chrome and Safari they open in the browser window. 1. It's a mime-type setting in the browser. 2. If you're using Firefox, don't. Under OPTIONS, when selecting "Direct Image URL", this is the type of URL you should be seeing: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAu17ZOhEhFPUrTlriaff5I622RHxj7MJogB/image.png
  8. Yes you can. Click the icon above the text. Learn things.
  9. I have NO PROBLEM with the limited font selection. There's two options: "ghosted" and "normal". You're not really supposed to use Skitch as a graphics program, as much as you're to use it to snag an image, annotate it and share it. You're wanting more fonts, and I'm praising the Skitch Design Team for NOT adding them. Skitch isn't PAINTBRUSH.
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