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Safari Web Clipper 5.9.5 beta - adds PDF Clipping



Hi all,

We have a beta version of Safari Clipper 5.9.5 that will add support for PDF Clips. Feel free to take it for a test drive and report any issues back to this thread.

Get the build here:


When reporting issues please mention your Safari version, OS version and if applicable the URL where the issue can be reproduced.

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Just tried this and it gave an error message saying "The Clipper couldn't start on this page." - the PDF was successfully transferred to Evernote from the Chrome version of the clipper.

I'm using Safari Version 6.0.2 (8536.26.17); MAC OSX 10.8.2. The URL for the PDF is: http://www.tribunals...lser_v_hmrc.pdf

Update: I've since uninstalled and reinstalled the extension and tried it with a different PDF with the same result.

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I am using Mac OSX 10.8.4

Safari version 6.0.5

Webclipper version 5.9.5


I am getting the "clipper couldn't start on this page" message when trying to clip from a pdf.  


I do not have Adobe installed.  After hearing the cautionary tales of adobe installation, I am hesitant to install it.  


I have added the pdf into evernote but when I try to copy and paste from it the cursor does not match up with what I am trying to pull from the pdf.  I may as well just copy and paste from the original pdf which is a step backward, don't you think?  Admittedly, I have just begun learning evernote.  Is there a step I am missing in all of this?  

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@Extropy We don't rely on Adobe products, but there's a bug in Safari itself where not having Adobe Reader/Acrobat causes browser extensions to malfunction on PDF pages. As jbignert said, it will clip the PDF, but it won't show you any of the standard feedback messages that you get on non-PDF pages. For the best experience, we recommend installing Adobe Reader, but it is not required for clipping.


@trishg Can you try installing this build and seeing if it fixes your problem?: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/685245/chrome-ext-bd35963.crx

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I second this. I avoid Adobe products on my Mac, and have been severely punished every time I relent.

Why would Adobe on my Mac even be involved in copying a file to Evernote?

If you have to rely on third party software, choose anything over Adobe (you know it means baked mud and straw in Spanish, right?).

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Clarification - we are still able to clip PDFs without having Adobe Reader installed.

However without Adobe Reader installed we cannot inject any feedback into the page saying that clipping is in progress & clipping was successful.

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How can I get the notification about the new pdf clipper to go away? Every time I open a page with a pdf, I get the bubble--even when I'm just reloading the same page. It's annoying the ***** out of me. I even clipped a couple of pdfs, so it would see that I had Obeyed and "tried it"... but the notifications continue. I'm going to have to remove the extension if it doesn't stop soon--just to preserve my sanity.


I'm on Chrome 24.0.1312.57 on a mac with OS 10.8.2



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