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(Archived) Editing a word document embedded in note on an ipad


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I use QuickOffice Pro HD on the iPad. It allows you to make all the necessary changes and save to the same document.

Doesn't cost a lot, have a look in mac store.



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Is there a way to edit a Word document that is attached to a note in Evernote for Ipad?

Kind of. Part of the problem has to do with the lack of a Word app on the iPad. Another has to do with Apple's sandboxing. QuickOffice Pro provides quite a bit of functionality (not as much as Pages, but then again, no one does), and I think it would be worth a shot.


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What about a PDF? (I actually started a thread on this but no answer yet.) I tried a couple PDF editors for opening a PDF that is inside EVERNOTE on an IPAD. The problem is, the PDF editors automatically seem to create some ghost copy of the PDF somewhere hidden and edit 'that." So the PDF inside EVERNOTE never changes. I think the difference may be that with a WORD document in IPAD EVERNOTE, a program like QUICK OFFICE PRO is the only Word editor there, and it opens the one original WORD document inside Evernote. However, with PDFs, the EVERNOTE program first launches the internal iOS PDF reader, which now "owns" the Evernote PDF but can't edit it. You can then open the PDF in a new real PDF editor you have bought, but, the new editor can't edit the PDf that the iOS PDF reader is holding, so the PDF editor has to make a new copy and edit that. Is there something I am missing or unable to figure out so far.

My goal is simple: To be able to store PDFs to read in Evernote, read them on an IPAD, make yellow highlighting when I want, and then when I'm done, it all stays synced up inside Evernote.

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Hi Bruce,

I use PDF Expert, but as you can see from this thread and Grumpy's answer at the bottom, there does not appear to be anything that will do the job you ask and as well as Quickoffice PRO HD.

Best regards


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I got this back from EVERNOTE SUPPORT: We are sorry for any confusion in regards with your issue using your iPad. [They had originally sent me an email "Please reinstall Windows 8"]

Unfortunately, the iPad employs a security feature called sandboxing which essentially "boxes" one app from another on an iOS device. What that means is that when you activate the "Open In" feature, it copies the PDF from Evernote to (in this case) your PDF reader and then any changes to that PDF are now made to that version of the file. You can sync it via a number of methods, but the version in your Evernote will remain unchanged until you replace it manually. This is not exclusive to Evernote, the same holds true for essentially for all apps on iOS devices.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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Ok as a follow up / summary / can anyone verify I am understanding this correctly:

For the iPad/ iPhone/ iOS:

1) Apple's sandboxing doesn't allow Evernote (or any other app) to open a word document from another source (like Dropbox), import the file, and allow for editing within the new destination app (say Evernote). Correct? Y/N

2) So does anyone know of an app that can import a Word document from Dropbox into the app and allow for editing of the document and then saving it back to the Dropbox account?

If you know any solution, please contact me on Twitter: @RCPatchett

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