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Printing a pdf within EN


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Slap me with a trout if this is in a FAQ somewhere.

Having added a pdf as a note in EN, I find that the EN print function prints the first page only. I can browse the pdf from within EN, but cannot print beyond the first page, even if a subsequent page is currently being displayed.

Feature or bug?

How should I properly view the capabilities of the print function?


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I realize that this thread is a bit old, but I searched for help when I encountered the problem of printing individual pages within a 200 page manual. After hacking around I discovered that there is a symbol in the gray bar that appears when you hover your mouse at the top of the pdf page display. At the very left of the bar is a symbol which looks like an eye. When you click on it the pdf opens in a pdf reader which has all the printing flexibility within it.  I could select individual pages, a range of pages etc. which printed out with no trouble.  


I hope this saves someone some time or frustration in dealing with this issue.post-176609-0-56819900-1426885687_thumb.

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