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  1. What an education! I, too, expected things would "just work." Silly me. I have also watched EN progress on my iPad, and have noticed that not all things work everywhere...but that's my ignorance in thinking that it should be so (and perhaps too much influence of Captain Picard---Make It So!) In any event, I think the most helpful solution is to see a checklist chart of what works without exception on which platform, so we know what we're buying or expecting, realizing that everything will never work everywhere. I am reminded of sage advice from long ago, when there were Apples, Amigas, IBMPC, Commodore and TI machines to be had -- choose your application, then buy the hardware that runs it. This conversation is--for me--the single most specific recommendation for buying Mac that I've ever seen. Thanks to all who contributed, and slogged their way through it.
  2. Slap me with a trout if this is in a FAQ somewhere. Having added a pdf as a note in EN, I find that the EN print function prints the first page only. I can browse the pdf from within EN, but cannot print beyond the first page, even if a subsequent page is currently being displayed. Feature or bug? How should I properly view the capabilities of the print function? Cheers.
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