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(Archived) Feature Request: Add field "Note Date"



Hi Evernoters.

I would like to request an additional field for my notes saved in Evernote. I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap s1500m scanner to scan in all my old (and new) documents. I have documents going back many years, some (for example my birth certificate) are 30+ years old. Right now, when the 'note' is added to evernote, the 'Created' and 'Updated' date/time fields are set to 'now'. I would like to have a further field added please of 'Note Date' (or equivalent).

I would see this:

'Created' is the date the note/document was added to/in Evernote.

'Updated' is the date/time when the note/document was last modified edited in Evernote. I.e. if I were to move my Birth Certificate to a new notebook, this date would be updated to now.

'Date' is the date when the document is dated. I.e. my birth certificate would list a date in the 80's.

Right now I need to work around this limitation by using the 'Created' date as the 'Date' field as per my example above.

Thanks in advance!


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I've been in the same boat for the past 3 years.

Even though the Evernote CEO laughed off the work-around solutions for the Due Date feature by saying "Notes from the future, they are kind of creepy" he does have some plans for addressing it.

At LeWeb last month, Phil Libin (CEO of Evernote) said: "We're working on it. It's coming soon, I think. I think, soon next year in the early part of next year. <snip> So that's coming in the first half of next year."

He said they were planning to make a "To Do / Calendar Integration / Reminder" feature as a core feature in Evernote which will be released during the first 6 months of 2013.

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