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  1. Thanks @BSR since I'm on the App Store version, and the Evernote site gives me 6.5, can you please share a link for others to download 6.4 please? I'm not a fan of using the Evernote Web version, love the desktop version.
  2. Thanks @BSR. As a workaround, our WiFi network doesn't have this issue of proxies etc and it 'just works' - so I installed a WiFi card in my Mac Pro to get it working. I can test again at any time by disabling the WiFi card and connecting via Ethernet.
  3. Hi There. I'm using Evernote 6.5 (453175) on a Mac at work, and I cannot connect to Evernote. Access via the Browser works fine, however with the desktop version I get "Could not connect to server" (see attached screenshot). I access the Internet through a proxy, which does some SSL insertion/replacement and is authenticated via SAML/NTLM (yes, scary). What this means in normal speak is: I access any https:// website, and the proxy then unpacks the data (i.e. snoops in it) and then resigns it with our corporate proxy's SSL cert. So every certificate we see on https is signed by
  4. Hi Internets. I'm very close to a solution for this - however it requires you to use Dropbox. I'm considering offering it as a paid-for service - if you'd be interested, let me know: a) you're interested. how much you'd be willing to pay for it I'm building it as a website whereby: 1. You upload your entire paperless library to Dropbox 2. You connect to my (yet to be published) website and provide your Dropbox + Evernote details 3. My software will help you select the correct Paperless Library and then upload to Evernote. This will include all Tags, Categories etc. Get
  5. Hi Evernote fans! I'm new to Evernote, but not to the concept. Thanks for making a great product. I own a Fujitsu ScanSnap s1500m scanner (and it's awesome). For the past 18 months, I scan in all my papers, receipts, everything into Mariner Software's "Paperless" application. While I like this application, the absence of an iPad/iPhone version and/or a Web version is quite limiting. I would like to migrate my entire Paperless library (~1400 documents at last count, mostly PDF) including tags into Evernote. Does anyone know how how? I have nicely sorted all my documents in Paperless to have th
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