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(Archived) Getting Snapscan 1500 tomorrow anyone using it with win8 laptop and Evernote

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Been using ScanSnap for several years now! You will love it. My system is old, just a PC running Windows XP, Evernote and ScanSnap, it all just works, Down to my last few pages of paper in the house, My name says is all. Best of Luck.

ClutterBGone !!

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I have my ScanSnap 1300i still in the box! Yikes... I better crack that baby up and let it stretch its legs. :) I opted to get the bundle that includes Rack2Filer software, just because the binders look very doable. :)

Instead of trying to scan all my existing papers, I decided I'm just going to move forward and hopefully after seven years of keeping the files, I'll be as paperless as possible.

I'm excited to at least try! LOL! :)

I look forward to hearing your success stories, David.

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