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  1. OK, I found the problem. Somehow when I selected which type file to send to Evernote, I selected jpg instead of pdf. Once I saw that and tried it, everything worked fine. Thanks for all of your help.
  2. I scanned the same file to DropBox after sending it to Evernote and the file that went to DropBox saved correctly ie all pages to one file.
  3. I just tried to scan a multiple page document into Evernote with a Fuju Scansnap scanner and Evernote made each page of the document a separate note. Is this normal? The same document also went to another service and it saved the all of the pages as one file. Am I doing some thing wrong or is there a glitch somewhere?
  4. Just wanted to say thanks to all of the nice folks who responded to me. This is a wonderful forum and a fantastic program.
  5. So according to Gazumped, I should use it and not really really have to worry about hitting the limit if I dont go too crazy right?
  6. I watched a Evernote video and the employees were talking about ways to get more business. Well I think that having a much larger data limit would be the first step in getting more customers. A 1 Gig limit per month is not much. IMHO
  7. I have looked at my usage meter and it says 28 mess, it does not go up and I have been scanning for several days and I have used much more than that. Is the usage meter not working, how often does it refresh?
  8. I really really need to understand about data limits. The premium package which I have allows 1 gig a month. Does that mean at the end of the year you have 12 gigs saved? Or does that mean that I only have 1 gig total and it starts over each month? If I only have 1 gig per month and thats it, I will have to use another service. I hope you understand my question. Does the data keep adding to itself so at the end of 3 years you would have 36 gigs?
  9. Thanks, cant wait to get the Scanner up and running and get rid of this clutter using Evernote.
  10. I am receiving my Snapscan tomorrow and will be using it with a new Win8 laptop and want to scan my home and office to Evernote. Anyone using this combination of hardware as the Win8 laptops are new on the market?
  11. Thanks so much for the info. I am getting a SnapScan 1500 tomorrow and will be doing a lot of scanning that is why I asked.
  12. OK how to I purchase that extra gig? Will it tell me that I am at my limit and then offer to sell me another gig. Also I am trying to paperless in my home and home office, will 1 gig a month be enough or am I going to have to go with the Business plan?
  13. I cant find out how much it would cost per meg or gig per month if I go over the Premimum of 1 gig per month?
  14. OK Jefito, I tried it and it makes sense now. This program is awesome. Thanks for the help.
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