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(Archived) New bug in 5.0.3: Applescript "tag exists" broken



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This build still does not fix the issue with Postbox not being able to send a mail to Evernote if it contains Topics. As noted in a previous posting, Postbox's Evernote integegration worked fine until version 5.0.2 of Evernote came out (3.0.6). Nothing changed on the Postbox side of things. Reverting back to 5.0.1 solves the issue.

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The 5.0.4 upgrade resolved my AppleScript problem with querying tags. The following code failed in 5.0.3 but works in 5.0.4.

 # Prepare tag/subtag metadata
set theStatusTag to tag named "status"
if (not (tag named theName exists)) then
make tag with properties {name:theName, parent:theStatusTag}
end if
set theSubTag to tag named theName

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