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  1. This build still does not fix the issue with Postbox not being able to send a mail to Evernote if it contains Topics. As noted in a previous posting, Postbox's Evernote integegration worked fine until version 5.0.2 of Evernote came out (3.0.6). Nothing changed on the Postbox side of things. Reverting back to 5.0.1 solves the issue.
  2. Just an FYI. Starting with 5.0.2, the Evernote integration within Postbox (3.0.6) is broken if your mail messages have any Topics set on them. Verified this with Postbox support yesterday. Downgrading to Evernote 5.0.1 solves the issue.
  3. Notice that 1.1.6 didn't contain any fixes in this area. What's the current timeframe look like for including this feature? (using data type rather than file extension). Thanks, Steve
  4. The filenames varied from "test.sh" to "test.java". I didn't actually try a file with a .txt extension, but rather files that were of type plain text. Is the ability for Evernote to import a note based on the file extension and not the datatype?
  5. Thanks for the info. While not quite as useful as I thought it might be, still a nice script. There are times I get text files that I wish to upload to Evernote. I thought I would just be able to drag copies of these files into this folder and the action would upload it nice and neat rather than opening the file, copying, pasting to Evernote and closing the file. Any reason this type of functionality couldn't be supported? Thanks, Steve
  6. So, no matter what type of file I attempt to copy into this folder, I get an "Unsupported file type for clipping" error. What are the supported file types for this operation?
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