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AutoEver on iPhone / iPad

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A general discussion thread for AutoEver - which automates certain actions on iPhone and iPad. So let me get the ball rolling...

I downloaded it today and I like its capabilities. I have to say, though, that I find the dialog for creating what it calls "Presets" (really automation rules) a little frustrating.

I wonder what other people think. And if the developer is hanging around.

On a less bright note I think it's a little expensive - unless the developer has plans to greatly expand it. But the price is probably worth it if it can automate some of the drudgery and make Evernote even more useful to me.

(My test "Preset" is to tag all my Journal For Evernote entries with "Diary". Just as a test.)

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The app is really nice but it can't handle my entire account, so I use it to auto Tag notes in my "inbox" Notebook only.

I use it to auto tag my photos and videos.

For example to add my photos to Evernote:

I use photosync app to sync photos from iPhone and iPad to desktop

Batch rename all files with the date they were take on

Move them all to Evernote import folder

So I get notes with my photos in Evernote, titled by date, it looks somewhat like this


I basically have a life logging, total recall kinda thing going.

If a note has .jpg or .png in title then it's automatically tagged with "my photos" tag.

If a note has .mov in title then it's automatically tagged with "my videos" tag. etc.


For my videos I also ended up writing a script to automate the process (not related to AutoEver), it grabs local path to a video, then grabs a YouTube link, then creates a new note with those links in Evernote...

Then eventually I use AutoEver and auto tag those notes with "my videos" Tag.

All in all, cool stuff.

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Yes, replace text would be awesome. Also batch editing created date to match manually typed date in title would be nice but probably hard as hell to implement and nobody except me is going to use it lol...

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I'd like to please ask for a report from anyone using both AutoEver and MoveEver, to provide a bit of info regarding any overlapping features and functions.


I see that some use AutoEver for batch moving, but MoveEver appears (at least from the name) to be more suited for that. 


Also, I just can't figure out from the app description what kind of actions the user makes.


Thanks for any clarification.

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