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(Archived) Monthly usage- uploads, storage, combination?

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No storage restrictions, just upload quota. The longer you use Evernote, the more stuff you will have stored (assuming you are uploading regularly.) Some of us have 3-4 gigabytes of data stored in Evernote.

Keep in mind that if you edit a large file already in the Evernote cloud, re-saving it with the new changes, the entire file size will be applied to the monthly upload quota.

And if you do hit the monthly quota some month in the future, you can purchase more upload capability from Evernote web.

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Help me understand this one.

Let's say I use 999 MB of my 1 Gig per month allocated upload amount (not likely!).

Let's also say that translates to 999 MB of stored files in EN (also not likely or maybe not even possible)

The next month, I don't make any changes in those files, rather I add another 10 MB of files with 20 MB of uploads.

Will this next month still allow me 990MB of additional uploads? What about storage space- is that limited or tracked, too?

The KB talks about uploaded amounts, even explaining how changing and re-uploading files or images can add to your uploaded amount, but I didn't see anything about storage allocation.

Is the some sort of storage allocation, and what is it?


It's upload amount. Not storage amount. If you're a premium user, you can upload up to 1 gig per month.

Changing notes may or may not dramatically affect your upload amount. If you modify a 256 kb text note, it will chew up some of your upload limit. If you modify a 75 mb file, it will require about another 75 mbs of your upload limit.

Storage amount is unlimited.

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