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  1. Tip: In OneNote, just add any tag to the body of the note, or before or after, or float over it, etc. You can search across multiple notes, tabs, and notebooks VERY quickly. Hope this helps.
  2. Considering in your sig you post that you used the FREELOADERS version for 3 years before upgrading to the PAID version, you don't think others deserve the same opportunity? What about those who have their notes, but don't access or save much any more? Hmmm....
  3. Great post! Thanks for the link. Don't see why people get so ticked off by posting a tool. Users want to protect their data, including the ability to migrate. Nobody wants to invest time and effort into a system and then throw it away or redo the work. The tool makes EN a lower risk, IMHO. But as for me, I'm using OneNote- complete with its hangs, slow sync, and slow to clip to new notebooks. Saving and then searching PDFs...GREAT! Free-form notes added onto docs (mostly) works. Just don't expect support from M$. But...their support forums aren't full of angry 'supporting'
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