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  1. Tip: In OneNote, just add any tag to the body of the note, or before or after, or float over it, etc. You can search across multiple notes, tabs, and notebooks VERY quickly. Hope this helps.
  2. Considering in your sig you post that you used the FREELOADERS version for 3 years before upgrading to the PAID version, you don't think others deserve the same opportunity? What about those who have their notes, but don't access or save much any more? Hmmm....
  3. Great post! Thanks for the link. Don't see why people get so ticked off by posting a tool. Users want to protect their data, including the ability to migrate. Nobody wants to invest time and effort into a system and then throw it away or redo the work. The tool makes EN a lower risk, IMHO. But as for me, I'm using OneNote- complete with its hangs, slow sync, and slow to clip to new notebooks. Saving and then searching PDFs...GREAT! Free-form notes added onto docs (mostly) works. Just don't expect support from M$. But...their support forums aren't full of angry 'supporting' people who belittle other posters when they are dissatisfied. EN as a whole has a "bad attitude" towards users. I think that's their biggest problem. If EN and 'supporters' valued feedback and tried to help and encourage their (fellow) users, they would likely be much more popular. Before the guard dogs start barking, realize rudeness from 'supporters' is pervasive and only took a few posts to read about a tool to find one.
  4. I'm hoping someone here can make a solid recommendation? I am looking to clip webpages *with content* from android (tablet, if that matters). I use mostly 'full page' clips, but occasionally will highlight only a particular item and would like it to work that way, too. With that in mind, anyone have a recommendation? I prefer stable, reliable, fast, etc Free is nice, but try-before-you-buy is good, or simply a paid app with a solid recommendation. Also- if anyone knows a way to convert existing notes with only urls from android into full blown notes with the page content without recreating the notes with desktop version and ff/clipper (EN Clipper 5.9.1), that would be helpful, too. Already tried tech support chat. Worthless Although Angelica said to use 3rd party, when I asked her where to find them, she gave link to app center, which DOES NOT LIST ANY CLIPPERS! When I asked here where specifically as I couldn't find any listed, she repeated, then disconnected I used the search, looked under apps, android, productivity, business, paperless, and a few other links but did not find a single web clipper for android. I understand they cannot recommend an app, but giving a 'solution' that doesn't contain any relevant info was quite disappointing.
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