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Time tracking app for Evernote (besides Blackberry)


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Hours Tracking is a good stand-alone time tracking solution. It's web-based, simple to use and quite a bit more affordable ($1/month) than most of the other full-featured tools out there. Some of the apps offering free accounts don't offer all the features you need to track billable hours for more than one client/project. Good luck!
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TimeEdition is simple, free, and open-source. It's available for Mac, Windows and Linux. 


If anyone finds the time to contribute to TimeEdition and can add storing of time logs into Evernote, please let me know by posting here!


Here's how I'd like to see it integrated:

 - Ideally, there would be a way to assign a timer to a link on a page.

 - The link would open TimeEdition to it's detailed view when additional data filtering can be done.

 - If the timer link on the page is clicked, the timer starts up again, recording a total time for each link added in EverNote!

 - Each link would be a new Task in TimeEdition





BTW, I'm not affiliated with the project in anyway, but I do use it everyday. 

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If you're looking for a time tracking solution for your Evernote, I'd like to recommend you TimeCamp - a rich-packed tool working on all the available platforms. It has 30-day free trial, so you'll be able to find out if it suits you or not. All the tracked Evernote activities will be included in the report to find out which of them are the most time-consuming. It

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6 hours ago, Ola Rybacka said:

I'd like to recommend you TimeCamp

Was initially impressed,  but when I started to set this up I couldn't find any obvious links into Evernote actions.  And when I work on a note that's related to my project for XYZ Corp,  does this go under time on Evernote,  or time for XYZ?  These are the (reasonably impressive) integrations the app claims on its web page - Evernote is notably (pun intended) missing.

Edit:  Sorry guys - on the other web page,  the list is a lot longer (see second illustration).  I'll let you know if this works out better after I get to know the app...  :blush:


ScreenClip [1].png

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