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(Archived) Evernote upgrade to breaks DLL to Outlook 2010


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Made the mistake today of upgrading to and broke the Outlook Add In DLL which I used extensively. The issue may be my operating system however XP older version as its a corporate computer. I'd like to roll back to the prior version but can't find out how. Trouble ticket in process, so we'll see.

Anyone else have similar experience?

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I just had the same problem. Been fighting it all day on an XP corporate machine.

Sync it first so all your data is in the cloud just in case. Then you'll need to uninstall the current version. Reboot and install 4.5.10. If you don't have it, PM me and I'll put it where you can find get it.

Or, I'm confident Evernote will get a patch out pretty quickly.

My reinstall of 4.5.10 seems to doing fine and I didn't have to resync. It was all there.

Good luck.

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I also have the same problem. I'm using Windows XP at work, and Outlook 2007. After installing the upgrade, i get a message that says "Evernote services are not running. Please launch Evernote and try again" when i click the Add to Evernote button. This also happens when I use Internet Explorer 8 and try to clip. I also opened a ticket with Evernote.

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Hrm... for the record, I do NOT have this problem, and am using Windows 7 64bit, Outlook 2010 32bit.

I was on .7670 too. Maybe it is an outlook 2007 issue.

I just upgraded to 7705 and it still works ok.

Try removing the addin from outlook and readding it, and also, always close outlook when upgrading Evernote.

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