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(Archived) Sharing issues / Suggestions

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Hi Guys,

Firstly, we have been waiting for EN Business since the announcement in August so are thrilled it has been released, so thank you!

We have started setting it up for the business, so we have some questions.

1. Moving Personal Notebooks to Shared - Will this be eventually possible?

2. Sharing Stacks to preserve structure - At the moment you can only share Notebooks and other users have to create there own stacks. Are there plans to be able to share stacks?

3. Renaming Notebooks - When a Notebook is renamed on one users Windows Client it is not renamed in the Admin Console or on other users Windows Clients. Any plans to enable this?

I was also hoping that if a Notebook is shared in the business it would automatically appear in another users account, but I can understand why they have to Join a notebook (in case you have teams etc and all notebooks are not relevant). But it would be good if there was an option where you can set a Notebook so that all users were automatically joined, so company policies, forms etc rather than just set it as a Recommended download.

All in all though, I think EN Business is a brilliant idea, and we are looking forward to seeing it develop.



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I agree with you ... these are also the first three things we came up with. We are using over 1200 notes and want to move them to the business notebook but not possible. Copying them is but time consuming, plus you loose your tags.


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I've answered your questions below:

1) Moving Personal Notebooks to Shared

By shared, I'm going to assume that you mean Business Notebooks. We don't allow automatic conversion, as much as we know users would like it, at this time. For one reason, there are network limitations. Your personal data and your business data are stored in two physically separate servers. For another, we want to make sure that users understand that when they put notes into the business, that becomes property of the business. Lastly, each Business Premium user gets 2 gigs of personal upload quota, and 2gbs per user for the business as a whole in a "family plan" style sharing set up. We wanted to avoid a situation where the first user in the business uploads everything he has in his personal account, thus using up the entire Business' quota for the month. To move notes into the business, you select the notes you want to move, and then using the move dialog, you can move them into a new business notebook. This works on the Mac client, but is not functioning on the PC client as of 12/6/12. The work around is export the notes, and then re-import them into a business notebook.

As Wayne above said, there is no way to move them into the business and maintain tags. We know how important this is to you, and it's something the team is working on. The basic issue is that sharing tags and changing tags are a technological challenge.

2) Stacks are purely a UI convention, the information is not stored in any different way, it's just presented differently. Similar to card and list views of the main note area. For this reason, you can't share notebook stacks across the business at this time.

3) Users have the ability to change the local name of a business notebook. You can imagine a situation where something shares a notebook with me called Mike's Notes, and I want to change it locally to meeting notes without making Mike change it on his end. If you are the controller of the notebook, you can change it for everyone. Currently, the web client is the only place you can change the name of a Business Notebook. Mouseover the notebook in question, click the downward triangle, and then click rename notebook.

Hope that helps!

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If we add content to a evernote business notebook and create the so important tags on the items, than the tags are only vissible for the one who added the tags.

Is the a way to see the taggs added by others, as you do when you share a personal notebook?


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Thanks for the reply Brickey.

I think I and quite a few others hadn't realised the EN Business Notebooks are stored on a different server. It now makes sense why moving notes is not quite as straight forward, but glad you guys are looking into it.

I have noticed that if you select a single note you can copy it to a Business Notebook and it preserves the sates, but if you select multiple note you are unable to copy. Might be of note to some other users.


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