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  1. Sorry i talked to soon I had over 200 notes in my trashcan and when opened it gave me the chance once to delete. But i cannot anymore. There is a work around. If you managed to sync the entire contents to Evernote then you can delete your local DB and start again. Then the trash is empty. My tags are syncing now for new tags. The old ones tell me there is a problem still as it already exists: 16:23:49 [3188] 0% New tag name conflict "OS", guid={xxxxxxx} 16:23:49 [3188] 0% Updating server tag "OS" 16:23:49 [3188] 0% * guid={xxxxxxxx} 16:23:51 [3188] 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=PERMISSION_DENIED parameter="authenticationToken" Hopefully evernote solves these issues soon. At least this is the first time i can sync my books to my colleges without to many errors (iow we all have the same amount of notes now)
  2. The new beta release http://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/win11/prerelease/Evernote_4.6.1.7752.exe seems to work much beter. The import folders does indeed seem to work. The trash can for business is also solved and the sync problems seems solved. Will update soon.
  3. We have purchased the business version of Evernote and not happy with it at all. In my opinion it is still a very beta product with good potential. Here are some of the bugs we have : Business tags do not synchronise with Windows machines It is not easily possible to transfer all your premium notes to your business notebook Multiple sync issues where it is not possible to sync except delete all local data and resync with the online version Not possible to empty trash can for business users. Not possible to import folders like in the premium version support are not up to date with the business version and offer support based on premium Hopefully evernote solve these soon. Otherwise the product is useless .. mainly due to the sync issues.
  4. We having the same problem. In the log files it says that it is a authenticationtoken error. Tech support tell us to delete the note and resync. This is not possible due the fact you cannot delete business notes from the trash can.
  5. We having the exact same problem. There are loads of bugs in the business version, and my opinion is that is not ready for the commercial market. We cannot delete from the trashcan, our notes are also not syncing due to an error. Tech support tell us to delete the note. This is just not possible. I am sure that the tech support are not trained yet on the business version as the answers they are giving do not comply to the business version The only way to solve this problem is that you delete the local database and resync from the internet web to your machine. Unfortunalty this makes you loose the locally stored work. In our case three people have different copies now as 2 of us have sync issues. (with our first 40 notes) It is defniatly not a stable product, and i dont think Evernote should be selling this at EUR 10 per person per month for a alpha product.
  6. Debbie, I agree with you ... these are also the first three things we came up with. We are using over 1200 notes and want to move them to the business notebook but not possible. Copying them is but time consuming, plus you loose your tags. Wayne
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