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Apple Mail Clipper



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Any chance of an Apple Mail plug-in that would reside in the Mail toolbar like the browser app to allow us to send emails directly to EN?


Just use this email address found in your Account Info pane to email content directly into EN. The email title will become the note title, and the email content will be the note content.

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that's not the same Travis... particularly if you want to use EN for backing up your emails. It is really idiotic not to be able to save emails and their attachments.

No. Using Evernote as a backup system for your e-mail is idiotic.

But that's besides the point. Saving important e-mails in Evernote is useful. And just so you know, travisham is right. Sending to your Evernote-email-account does just that. In the Mail.app, you can redirect (⇧⌘E) the e-mail if you want to keep it as close to the original as possible, attachements are saved to the new notes as well. You could set up mail rules to forward certain mails automatically.

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Wowzers - how did this get heated? The OP asked for a way:

...to send emails directly to EN?

All I was trying to do was to help show that there currently is a way, "to send emails directly to EN." I've never had a problem with attachements not being included with the emails I send to EN. I email audio files into EN all the time (due to the lack of quality in EN's built in audio recorder...) and never have problems with these attachments showing up in a note. I've also never had issues of things being left out of things I've sent via forward, though I do this far more rarely.

Maybe it's a matter of certain setting in Mail.app?


Admittedly, I did not have this option checked previously (and I'm shamefully back in the stone-age with OS 10.6.8, so this may be an antiquated option), but I hope it may be a help. :)

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i agree, i need a "one click" button for apple mail that will clip to evernote. Microsoft outlook has it and it works great, it sits right in the tool bar, but i have moved over to mac recently so i need a mac mail clipper button now.


thank you

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Wow, you guys jump too soon.  I agree with Codex on this one.  Thanks Travis for the "work around," but that isn't what we're asking for.  We're asking for native support.  The Clipper function within Outlook is awesome.  I can choose a title, add tags (with an option for previously used tags to keep things tidy), and choose a notebook to place the note in.  It then immediately opens the note, within Evernote, for further editing.  This is awesome for many reasons, one is for setting Reminders.  Others for formatting.  There is simply too much to say for a native clipping option within the app itself.  THAT is what we're asking for.  Not workarounds.

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