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  1. Occasionally I pop back to the EN forum to see how it's all going. …then I see posts like these, and it reminds me why I'm still on v3.30 which was a stable release! I can re-arrange my tags in the side-bar, and my tag names can be as long as I need them to be. Lot's of other great features as well - that were stripped from later versions. You can find v3.3.0 on the web if you want to give it a spin.
  2. I'm afraid it's never going to happen! I have complained to EN extensively about these issues: Long tag names are not visible Can't rearrange tags in the side bar I even sent them a video of how these issues cause so many problems - but they told me that's the way it's going to stay. The EN team basically want to dumb the product down, so they can get millions of "users" and then sell the company on and make their fortunes. That's why they want to keep it "simple". It's also why I am still on version 3.3.0 - and so are the 9 other users in my company!! EN was once a great product that was so promising; but it's slowly gone downhill as they remove or mangle its great features. Shame.
  3. Evernote devs don't do "obvious solutions" I'm afraid! LOL
  4. That's why our whole office - with 4 EN accounts - is still on v3.3.0. The Tag functions in later versions have been so mangled, they are unusable. Bizarre. One of the many reason I no longer recommend EN to anyone.
  5. "deprecated", now one really does learn something new every day; thanks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deprecation Here are the "reasons for deprecation": The feature has been replaced by a more powerful alternative feature. The feature contains a design flaw—frequently a security flaw—and so should be avoided, but existing code depends upon it. The feature is considered extraneous, A future version of the software is planned to make major structural changes Standardization or increased consistency in naming. A feature that once was only available independently is now combined with its co-feature I think this one needs to be added to the list: "The really useful feature has been removed by the developer for no good reason and even if we did have a reason, we can't be bothered to tell you."
  6. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/46904-strange-happenings-in-web-clipper-60/ macalba posted (about the latest version of clipper for Safari): ... and I've lost the ability to clip to multiple Evernote accounts. jbignert (Evernote Employee) replied: @macalba - multiple accounts feature has been depreciated, sorry for the inconvenience Could a fan of George Orwell please look in the Orwellian Dictionary and translate "depreciated" for me? Thanks... I guess it's "Merry Christmas" from Evernote.
  7. Me too. I with you buddy. Can't even read my long tag names when I want to move or change their names - in v.5x. Bizzare
  8. Thanks for your kind help; but alas, we are not talking about the same thing. Before v5.0 if you wanted to rename or rearrange a tag, you could do so in sidebar. But now, you have to go to the special tag window (click on the tag heading in the sidebar I think) in order to rearrange or rename tags. Give it a go, and try for yourself. Can you do these actions the obvious way in the sidebar? Nope. You have to go to the tag window. Now give a tag a long name - can you see the full length of the tag in the tag window? Nope. So how can you see which tag to rename (imagine you have thousands, many that start with the same words etc.? You can't!! You have to find the tag first, and then click on it to reveal the full name - but you can't do that because you can't see the name. Totally crazy - and it didn't use to be like that. Take a look at my videos above for a full explanation.
  9. Here you go - all comments welcome: Classic Coke & New Coke ;-) https://dl.dropboxus...lassic Coke.mp4 https://dl.dropboxus...EN New Coke.mp4
  10. er... I think you'll find that "tags" are fundamental to pretty much any document storage and filing system these days. Hardly "undocumented" as I think you'll find them in the main left hand bar!!
  11. You are 100% right. I am still on v3.30 - and I have 4 EN premium accounts! I use thousands of tags, many with long tag names, and lots of nesting. In v5.0 you can't even SEE your full tag names in the new crazy "tag window". So renaming and rearranging tags for me in v5.0 is almost impossible. Why is it not just the way it is in v3.30 - with all the renaming and rearranging done in the bar on the left where the tags actually are? Why, why, why??? I have managed to get to the higher levels of Evernote about this, and even made two great screen videos showing the unworkability of v5. EN said they were very impressed with my amazing use of tags and searches; but they were not going to make any changes. I'm just at a total loss as to why a company would make such a mess of basic functionality - and all the while trying to push their "Business" version. I can only conclude that it is all deliberate, and they want to dumb Evernote down and just turn it into a glorified Dropbox or such like. What a terrible shame.
  12. Make sure you keep your tag names real short - or you will not be able to read them easily to sort and amend etc. Only the first few letter are shown. This video makes it all look simple; but if you have a lot of tabs, and and any number that are more than a few letters long, you will be in trouble. Of course with something as simple as this, it should be intuitive. One would just drag a tag in the tag list in the side bar and move it? Well, that how it USED to be, before for some reason EN decided to make it all unworkable. That's why I'm still on v3.3 sadly.
  13. Hi folks, I'm thinking of moving over to EN Business. But... I use thousands of nested tags, and some of those tags may not currently have any notes associated with them. And indeed some of the header tags will never have associated notes. When I share a notebook via the Business Library, will the other users be able to see ALL the tags, and in nested format? Thanks!
  14. WOW! Some "great" fixes. Really looking forward to those! I think you've all really lost the plot at EN if you now think that fixes are "great". Having a stable and well-tested software upgrade program, that introduces well-researched, useful and end-user tested features that are not full of bugs is not even "great" - it's just what's to be expected. But we don't even have that for sure. Sad.
  15. I am still running EV v3.3 for Mac, as v5.x is so terrible, with so many missing and degraded features plus bugs. But I would like to keep an eye on v5.x, to see how far EN have got with replacing all the missing and degraded feature, and fixing all the bugs. So my question is: can I run v3.3 on my Mac, and then make a bootable external hard drive with v5.x on it - both sharing the same EN account. To be clear: not sharing the same physical EN database on the Mac (or the external hard drive); but rather both syncing via the cloud? Or will v5.x alter the EN database in such a way that v3.3 will not be able to handle it? Note: as far as I can see, I can't run v3.3 on one user account on my Mac, and v5.x on another, as both accounts share the same applications? Or can I have each account run a different version? Thanks!
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