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  1. Thanks for posting this Eduardo. IIRC the voting buttons didn't exist in the forum when I posted on this thread 5 years ago. Here's hoping I won't be the only one who sees your comment and comes back to support this needed change.
  2. I found some places where this was asked about, but didn't see any of those inquiries in this feedback section. There doesn't seem to be an integrated way to find the word count of a note in the EN Web interface. The most obvious place to add this information would be in Note Info (it really should be added to Note Details in iOS as well). Currently Note Info shows the file size of a note, but knowing the word count would be far more valuable. I get that this feature is available in the desktop interfaces, but when I'm writing on a machine that doesn't have EN installed it seems silly to have to copy/paste into other apps to find word count. Wordpress is able to integrate this right into their editor, so I trust y'all can find a clean way to do this too
  3. For sure, and EN's addition of the ability to utilize higher quality audio in iOS has made it such that the audio note which is generated is actually a useful one. Most songwriters I've interacted with on this have found the lower quality audio format useless (almost worse than not having the ability to record audio at all). No one that I'm aware of is asking for a format that is lossless/totally uncompressed. This m4a format option they implemented a while back in iOS is right on the mark as far as I'm concerned.
  4. In iOS this can be changed! Account > Settings > Audio > High Quality The implementation of this feature is what made EN an indispensable songwriting tool for me
  5. I run into this issue too. EN's memory usage will go from from somewhere around 230MB (currently) to well over 1GB (earlier this morning). The higher memory usage was while EN was running in the background, not having been used for ~1 hour. EN Version 6.10 (454267 Direct) Mac OS 10.10.5 (14F2109)
  6. Any update on this since Annah? (It's been 8 months ) In peeking under the hood, it appears that the framework being utilized may be the weak link. I recall finding something similar in EN's iOS app a few years ago prior to the option change audio quality, though in searching package contents I no longer find it, let alone the secondary codec being employed now to allow for m4a to be utilized. For me, the option to record audio in higher quality was the best thing to ever happen to EN on iOS. If there's a way that the developer who implemented that on iOS could spend a day with team members who code for Mac and get this going, there would be much rejoicing spread throughout the land!
  7. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm happy to report that this seems to be working better for me than it was back in September. A Page Camera photo taken earlier this morning in iOS [EN version] shows up distortion-free on my Mac [EN version 6.10 (454269 App Store)] without any work-arounds. I hope others are experiencing the same positive results!
  8. I've noticed this issue creeping up recently when using document scan in iOS (iPhone 5S running iOS 9.3.5 & EN ver 7.17.1), that the images will appear distorted when viewed in EN on my Mac (MBP 13" '09, 2.53 ghz running 10.10.5 & EN 6.9 from the App Store) based on the size/ratio of the window in which the note is viewed. The images appear fine when copied & pasted into other applications. Thankfully the work around discovered 2 years ago by skevbo works, but this is a bug that still needs squashing.
  9. Thanks for the update Annah. I know it was a major plus for me when the option was added to EN for iOS to choose between higher or lower quality audio. If there's a clean way to implement this feature for Mac, I feel I can safely say this would be a huge win for many users.
  10. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Knowing the reason why it can't be easily turned off is moving me toward the acceptance phase Thanks for the suggestion as well, though in trying out presentation view for this purpose just now I'm finding that data detection is still stylizing the text (albeit in a lighter, hipper shade of blue). I recognize I'm likely in a serious minority of folks who would essential desire less integration with the rest of the OS on this point, so I suppose I'll just have to roll with it as-is. Thanks again!
  11. Is it possible to turn off the feature where iOS seems to automatically format something like 1:25 into 1:25 (blue, underlined, and ready to make an event or show it in the calendar). While this type of feature is great in something like mail.app, one of the many things I'm using EN for is to help me memorize some texts that utilize a helpful "chapter:verse" system. This works fine up until 1:9 (chapter 1:verse 9), but by the 10th verse 1:10 turns into 1:10, which includes the formatting that I'm finding to be more than unhelpful at keeping things as simple as possible for the sake of memorization. Just trying to better get things from my external brain into my internal brain
  12. Here are a few thoughts that I jotted down as I used the web beta for the first time. Summary points: As someone who typically avoided the web client and used the desktop and mobile apps exclusively, I personally see the web beta as an altogether different tool for interacting with EN.Seen as a different tool, the web beta provides a different experience that I see myself (actually) using in different ways.Since the U/I is so clean and open, inconsistencies are glaringly obvious. I'd say it could actually be even cleaner and more open.Given the massive shift in focus of the web beta, I think this is a great initial effort at providing users with a new tool.Incidentally, I sympathize with folks who see the web beta as a step backward, and I hope this interface does not spread to the desktop app(s) and wash away robust options I've come to find exceedingly useful.
  13. While it's not a perfect solution, I can suggest a work-around (assuming you have a smartphone with EN that records at the higher bit-rate): Set your phone to record during the call. If you don't need to type into EN during the meeting, then once the meeting is over simply sync your phone to EN, sync your Mac to EN, and then you can add info to the note with your audio. If you need to type a note during the meeting, do so in a separate note from the one recording the audio. Once the meeting is over you can merge the notes together. I totally concede that my suggestion is not ideal. Ideal would be using as few steps as possible rather than having to use 2 devices to accomplish what should be possible with just 1. This is still better than it used to be
  14. I would absolutely 2nd this as an option. A few months ago there were some folks who couldn't find the audio feature at all. I agreed back then that there should be an option to choose audio on the "create new note" (formerly "quick launch") section. I would still gladly trade out the photos, reminder, or list options in the quick-launch for an audio option. My rationale: creating a new note from a photo I already have on my phone isn't a situation where speed is crucial to me, but getting faster access to the mic on my phone to record an idea I'm having "in the moment" is very important to me.
  15. I've been one of these voices in the past, but this is odd that you're not still seeing any difference in quality. There have been several folks recently who have pointed out (albeit from a understandably negative viewpoint) that EN in iOS has recently upgraded the recorded audio quality in iOS (examples: 1, 2). I've given a viewpoint (here and also here) which had the same findings of those who've noticed an increase in quality, yet I'm completely supportive of this as a change for the better! What's odd to me is that it seems you're not the only one who is still experiencing the lower quality. Over the last few days I've noticed that audio record to EN on my Mac still uses lower bitrate wav, while audio recorded to EN via my iPhone 4 uses the much better bitrate m4a. Have you upgraded to iOS 7 and the most recent version of EN? It seems odd that folks using the same software version on the same OS would be getting different results. My only theory is that this is somehow device-specific (that iPhones and iPads are, for some odd reason, using different audio formats)... While I don't have an iPad available to test this idea, I can confirm that EN now records with m4a on my "antiquated" iPhone 4. ???
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