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Anyone know of a solution the following problem?

BTW, I'm new to Evernote and just learning the ropes.

I would like to maintain a list of grocery items that I commonly purchase. I would like to maintain information about the item like brand, price(s), vendor(s), product specifics, product specifications, etc. I am thinking that the best way to manage this information would be to create a notebook call something like "Products". Then create a note for each item that I want to track and normally buy periodically.

For example:

Similac Advance Organic Ready To Feed - 32 Fluid Ounces

BabiesRUs: 6.99 / 32 fl oz (sold per Quart or Case of 6 Quart)

Target: 7.29 / 32 fl oz (sold per Quart)

Sam's Club: 6.89 / 32 fl oz (sold Case of 8 Quart)

SimilacWebSite: 7.50 / 32 fl oz (sold per Quart or Case of 6 Quart)

Other product notes:

Then create a note with a list of items that would link to other notes.

Does this sound like a solution or is there a better way?


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