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Evernote (and Dropbox) in Schools


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Dropbox does maintain a local copy of your data right? on your hard-drive, smartphone or wherever else you have it loaded. Crashplan is another option, no cost to sync your Dropbox data to a second computer....

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I have looked at CloudHQ but we actually chose to move away from them... because of the cost. We found a number of free services that allow us to do the same thing that you can find on CloudHQ, and even get more out of Evernote.


We just had Evernote out to Visit at our school and we talked a lot about using a platform called Schoology with our students. Schoology is free for educators (but can be rather pricy for the enterprise version for schools and districts - shoot me a message if you have questions) and offers a great amount of flexibility for teachers. Basically, we can add Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Turnitin, KhanAcademy, Remind101, Pixton, etc. documents directly into our course websites and gradebooks. 


For a free service, Schoology allows you to create an ecosystem of technology that you can use in the classroom. Then when you factor in Postach.io to create Blogs from your Evernote Notebooks and using IFTTT to automate Google to Evernote connections, you can have a remarkably robust workflow. 


Here is how I do it (for my Coding for Beginners Class):


1. Create a Google Event in my Calendar Titled (Free): Coding for Beginners Class @EN

2. Create a Notebook in my Evernote Titled (Free): Course - Coding for Beginners

3. Using the IFTTT Recipe, I auto-generate Class Notes several days before class - for planning (Free). 

4. In Evernote, I work on my lesson plan and post it to my Postach.io blog for my students to reference (Postach.io is free for your first blog and $5/ month for the premium version)

5. The Day of Class, I use Schoology (Free) to share the assignment with my students (which will send them an announcement and add it to my gradebook).

6. When I walk into class, I fire up Evernote and present the same note to my students (requires Premium).


Total Cost: Free (for one Blog on Postach.io, and if you already have premium to present)


Just to sum it all up, I used my calendar to create a note which I turned into a blog. I then shared with that note with my students in our LMS and Presented it to them in class - all with Evernote... what more could you need...



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