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  1. Seems to be a lot of questions on how to export documents out of EN. So the assumption is that the original documents imported into EN were deleted. Maybe I'm just lazy, but have never deleted my originals, they are all stored in one of my EN import folders, which reside on cloud drives. Going forward, to maintain a copy of all documents, just make a Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. folder an Evernote Import folder and use this folder for bringing all files into Evernote. This will maintain a copy of every file that goes into EN. Very simple process. This works with OneDrive and Google Drive for sure.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I've done as suggested to fully exit the application before closing out a session for 5 days now. I also checked and confirmed that "synchronize shortcuts" check box was checked on all my accounts. All was good until today. On one premium (work) account, the shortcuts have disappeared on my Windows 8 PC, but they are still visible on my iPhone, Windows 7 laptop and at evernote.com. I've synced a couple times from all 3 devices with no change. I went to these same devices and synced my other 2 premium accounts and these are still holding the shortcuts, so working fine. So still puzzled....guess I will uninstall Evernote on the Windows 8 machine and reinstall.
  3. I have a number of saved searches and notes that I keep in the Shortcuts list. However, they are constantly disappearing on me after a day or two. I cannot figure out what is causing them to disappear. I will drag them all to Shortcuts and then when I come back into Evernote later, the Shortcuts list is empty. This has been occurring for a couple months. I primarily use Windows desktop version on multiple PC's, but also access the data from my iPhone and iPad. I have three premium accounts between me and the wife and my kids have free accounts that requires switching between these accounts frequently. This issue appears to occur with all the accounts. I searched and couldn't seem to find any other discussions around issues with the Shortcuts feature. Maybe I just don't understand the Shortcuts feature correctly.
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