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(Archived) Evernote can't count beyond 9



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When sorting alphabetically, Evernote for Mac considers "10" to be the same as 1X when it comes to sorting. This is problematic as I have a notebook sorted by numbers. The same problem occurs for 20,30, etc.

This is standard alphanumeric sorting. As GM's link pointed out, if you want them to sort as though they were being sorted numerically, you need to add leading zeros.

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It's not a problem of Evernote not being able to count as much as the sorting criterion doesn't take into account numeric digits in note titles. This is standard lexicographical sorting, where digits are treated as raw characters. In Windows, at least, you can enable the behavior that you want using a flag in the Windows library's string comparison function; I don't know whether a comparable facility is available in the Mac system libraries, or if the Evernote folks would need to write one themselves (that's if they even want to implement that kind of sorting -- It looks like the Windows client uses straight lexicographical sorting as well).

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