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(Archived) Feature Request - Desktop List View

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This would be a request for IOS and Windows desktop applications...

When in "List" view, the actual list of files moves to a horizontal window above the contents preview. This format seems very awkward to me. Tradtionally, like in iTunes, Windows Explorer and even on retail websites, lists of files or navigation buttons are listed down the left hand side of the screen, with the preview or editing window open to the right. Would the Evernote team consider changing the layout of "List View", or, even better, making the left-hand list view another option? A clean, easy to navigate title-only list view is vital to a fluid workflow, yet I avoid it as much as possible in Evernote because the current configuration is so unfamilar and cumbersome for me.

Don't get me wrong, the other view options have practical uses too, but for some notebooks the above described option is a must. And, just to be really bold, I might request that the user be able set a preferred default view for individual notebooks. i.e., "Recipe" notebook automatically opens up in Thumbnail view, "Household Notes" automatically opens in list view, etc. Springpad has this feature and it is fantastic.



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I'm just bumping this request since I'm still hoping for the option to be able to set a default List View for a specifc Notebook. The F5 shortcut is great, but I toggle through notebooks frequently and it's frustrating to have to do an F5 every time I switch. I have two notebooks in particular that are best utilized in thumbnail view and I'm referencing them regularly. Any chance that this feature will be taken into consideration? As I mentioned in my op, Springpad has this feature and I miss sorely miss it. Thanks!

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Feature requests are fine, and Evernote reads all posts, so at some level, everything is taken into consideration. They do not typically give out their feature roadmaps, however.

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