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  1. I just want to point out that some are making a distinction between "information", of which Evernote is designed to manage and organize, and "images", to which some are alluding to as secondary to documents and notes. For many of us, images ARE information and stand alone of data. I don't think supporters of image management are looking to store and share family photos and EN certainly should not invest time into another Picasa. I am thrilled with the slide show feature and would like to see app support for it as well, since much of my work is mobile. I'd also like to see additional slide show options. I have a series of images that are each their own note in a Notebook. From what I can tell you can only do a slide show with images within the same note.
  2. I just found this thread, so it sounds like S-Pen supported. Would really like confirmation from Evernote, though. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/45852-s-note-and-evernote-integration-on-galaxy-note/
  3. I know that Evernote is integrated with the Note 3, including S-Pen. Why wouldn't they do the same for the latest 10.1? It seems that it would be an even more logical pairing.
  4. I was wondering if anyone with the latest Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) tablet can comment on how well it integrates Evernote. I'm considering this tablet but have no experience with the S-Pen or S-Notes. Because I'm a heavy Evernote user and am moving towards a paperless household, I thought the S-Pen feature would be a reason to spend up on this particular tablet.. I don't have a specific question about it. I'd just like to know in what ways the S Pen functionality enhances the Evernote tablet experience for you (or not). Thanks!
  5. I rarely visit the forums here, but I'm so happy I stumbled upon your post. I was an user if Springpad and loved because it had this kind of visual presentation. I eventually switched to Evernote for its power and sophisticated note management tools, but miss the visual "idea board" features of Springpad that are really a necessity for many of my projects. I've created my own rudimentary versions of this within Evernote, but nothing fluid or convenient. I love where you are going with this and I really hope it is embraced by Evernote.
  6. I would also like to see this feature. I use the widget with a Notebook containing items named by numerical due dates. The widget is only semi-useful with its current sorting limitations. Thanks!
  7. I'm just bumping this request since I'm still hoping for the option to be able to set a default List View for a specifc Notebook. The F5 shortcut is great, but I toggle through notebooks frequently and it's frustrating to have to do an F5 every time I switch. I have two notebooks in particular that are best utilized in thumbnail view and I'm referencing them regularly. Any chance that this feature will be taken into consideration? As I mentioned in my op, Springpad has this feature and I miss sorely miss it. Thanks!
  8. I've been using Evernote on my ipad, pc and android phone for about a year. One thing I do quite often is use the photo note feature to take snapshots of documents directly from within the app, using the camera on whatever device I happen to be using at the time. I'm now considering purchasing a Nexus 7 and am aware of it's lack of a back facing camera. I realize that taking using tabs as cameras with isn't considered a primary function for manufacturers and I agree. However, for my purposes (using the camera as more of a scanner), the camera will be sorely missed as a part of my Evernote workflow. So... Has anyone successfully used the front facing nexus 7 camera, meant for Skype and low in megapixels, to capture documents, written notes, etc? I'm sure it's awkward, but is the result acceptable? It's not a deal breaker as I can always reach for my phone to take the pic, but I'm curious. Thanks!
  9. OK. Just did the shortcut and it worked. So odd that I couldn't find it before. Even when I clicked on "List" view before, what I was getting was Snippit but without the thumbnail. Strange. But thanks! Glad I got it to work!
  10. This would be a request for IOS and Windows desktop applications... When in "List" view, the actual list of files moves to a horizontal window above the contents preview. This format seems very awkward to me. Tradtionally, like in iTunes, Windows Explorer and even on retail websites, lists of files or navigation buttons are listed down the left hand side of the screen, with the preview or editing window open to the right. Would the Evernote team consider changing the layout of "List View", or, even better, making the left-hand list view another option? A clean, easy to navigate title-only list view is vital to a fluid workflow, yet I avoid it as much as possible in Evernote because the current configuration is so unfamilar and cumbersome for me. Don't get me wrong, the other view options have practical uses too, but for some notebooks the above described option is a must. And, just to be really bold, I might request that the user be able set a preferred default view for individual notebooks. i.e., "Recipe" notebook automatically opens up in Thumbnail view, "Household Notes" automatically opens in list view, etc. Springpad has this feature and it is fantastic. Thanks! Debbie
  11. I use "Simplify Format" on all of my web clips. Currently, for each article, I have to clip, select all in the note pane, then do a ctl-alt to simplify the format. Is there an option to have all of my web clips simplified by default? Thanks!
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