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Of course anything with "Suisse" or "Helvetica" in the name is alluding to the same thing, whatever the common ancestor font is.

Well, the common ancestor would be Helvetica, right? There are variations on it, but the font itself was developed in the 50s by the Swiss, and there have been many attempts over the years to gild the lily.

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Right, so things like "Helvetica","Swiss","Suisse" are alluding to Helvetica - a nice sans-serif font, good for headings.

I don't think something (Helvetica) can allude to itself (Helvetica) :)

Yes. You are right that a lot of folks these days think that sans-serif is good for headings and road signs (I am guessing this dates back to the nineteenth-century invention of Gill Sans), and typographical folks these days insist that digital stuff ought to be in sans-serif. I disagree, especially at 12 pt. on the tiny 11" MBA screen. Five centuries ago, Johann Gutenberg would have whipped out his Textura font and disaagreed!

If Evernote was a paper notebook, then they'd have to make a choice of one font, and this would make sense. I'd live with it. However, we are in the digital age. A default font is fine, of course, but why strap us all down to a Procrustean bed like this and remove functionality from the app? I don't know the answer to this.

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