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(Archived) Exclude name and email in Activitystream

Frank Meeuwsen


We use a shared notebook to give buyers of our e-book access to extra content, tips etc. I've added 1000+ emailadresses to the shared notebook invitescreen and set the permissions to View Notes and activity. Because I figured, once we add new content to the shared notebook, they will get a message in the activitystream, extra service!

But! Everytime someone adds the shared notebook to their Evernote account, it gives a message in the stream. So right now, every buyer of our book who has access to the shared notebook, sees every other name and email from other users flashing by in the activitystream. But on top of that, it renders the stream worthless since so many people add the notebook to their Evernote and any other activity gets buried in non-important messages.

So is there any way to

1. Add new members to shared notebook, have them view mentions in the stream about new notes but NOT about new users?

2. Change the permission of 1000+ existing members to the above. Seeing new content in the stream but not any mentions about new users?

I hope it does. If not, please Evernote, make the choices clear to the end-user.

Thank you

Frank Meeuwsen


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I am one of the subscribers and noted this behavior. But more problematic. Ever since I am added to this shared notebook Evernote for Mac 5.0 behaves erratic and is very very slow. Maybe because of the activity stream but I have to unsubscribe from this shared notebook because it is slowing down EN. Especially on start up of the app.



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OK, I just ran some tests with different user accounts. When I give someone access to a shared notebook with the permission "View notes", than that account will not get a notification in the Activity Stream when there are new notes. So I need to give him permission "View Notes and Activity Stream" to make sure they will get a notification when there is a new note in the shared notebook. But this causes the problem that anyone in the shared notebook (over 1500 as of today) can see all email adresses flying by in the Activity stream. A potential privacy breach if you ask me.

So for the sake of privacy of our users and giving up on a better userexperience in Evernote, I would like to see some way of batch-changing the permissions from the shared notebook. Can this be done by the API? Is there anyone able to help me with this?



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