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(Archived) Adding tags to notebook



How can I assign tag to my notebooks?

For example i have 30 notebooks sharing the tag "work" amonge my 1000 notebooks, now i want to filter all notebooks contain the tag "work". It is none sense to tag each and every note inside those 30 notebooks with "work" tag.

Is there a way to tag the notebook themselfs with "work" tag so that i dont have to tag the notes inside them?

So i want to do something like this...

- show me all my "work" notebooks

- show my all my "school" notebooks



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What if the notebook has many tag to define it. Evernote does not support multiple stacks assignment!

That's right. So you have to use tags. Personally, I think assigning tags to notebooks is redundant. If it's a "work" note, put it in a "work" notebook. I know everything in my "work" stack is for work. From there I use notebooks ("Work notes" vs "work change log" vs "Work internal memos and/or personal info" (such as my insurance info or employee handbooks)). From there I use tags and/or keywords.

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The only valid use cases I can come up with for assigning a special tag to every note in a notebook, and only notes in that notebook, are to make search easier, as there are differences between using notebook: and tag: in search. As in a recent thread, excluding notes that are in a specific notebook from a search.

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