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  1. Hello all, I started to use the domain based approach to create my new notebooks. It basically ensure that you have as many nested notebooks as you want and not get restricted by the two level stack. also ensure then consistency comparing to tag system. it goes like this. If you think of google domain organization, it starts with the more specific to the general. e.g. news.google.com news (google news) -> google -> com (commercial) imagine you can type this in the url bar obama.politics.news.google.com which returns the politics news that is related to Obama from google news website. from this idea I started to do the same in Evernote but I am always starting with the most general to the least. e.g. notebook 1 name : finance . receipts notebook 2 name : finance . bills notebook 3 name: finance . banks . statements notebook 4 name: finance . banks . contacts notebook 5 name: education . school notebook 6 name: education . university . graduation notebook 7 name: education . university . application what do you think? am I missing any thing here? regards, Aziz
  2. I agree. The only this you will miss is the listing feature, if you dont need it then I totally agree with you on the prefix point.
  3. the reason I have site prefix is to fulfill this demand "Please Evernote show me all notes that belong to internet sites" Evernote will reply with a list of note that belong to specific sites, in other word note with "site: prefix" without this you have to remember the site name e.g. amazon.com in order to find its note, so you will miss the listing feature of all sites as shown in my reply above. of course you can take out the prefix if you dont want the listing feature and the "consistency enforcement" in your workflow.
  4. this is one example of how easy is the filter with the "prefix approach" This is my Online shopping notebook and each note in it must have at least two tags "site: ..." and "product: ..." when I filter first by site: apple.com I get only the products under apple (see attachment for details)
  5. Nice hint Amie, Thanks! But what if I need to filter all amazon.com notes that came from my email, or for example all my snapshots that are related to amazon.com. is there a search or a filter in Evernote supporting the auto captured information?
  6. yes the colon is just for visual identification, and yes you can use space instead and get the same result. those two tags will give you the same result site: amazon.com site amazon.com
  7. In order to reach a high consistency level in tagging approach I used my tags in the following way. I have basic prefix for most of the tags e.g. source: webshot source: email source: screenshot source: ... site: amazon.com site: google.com site: .... type: bill type: confirmation type:registration .. .. .. For example I relieved email confirming my order at amazon.com so I would tag it as follow ---> "source: email" , "site: amazon.com" , "type: confirmation" This way the search became super easy by searching using the prefix. The most important thing you reach high consistency level in your tagging approach note: if you have extra tags (given that you cannot give them prefix because they are unique) you can type them at end keep in mind that this is consistency hole. This was a quick tip I hope it was helpful If you have enhancement to it please add it here.
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