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Hi All,

Just discovered mysms after reading on the blog about it.


Installed it on my Android phone and linked it to Evernote. It creates a new folder called 'mysms' and a new page inside for everyone you send or receive texts from.

Got to say this is a great package for me because:

1. I hate texting on the phone

2. I often don't hear my phone receiving a text so I will get it when I am on a computer

3. It is very useful to store text messages for future reference

I should add, that once you install the app on your phone, you only need to log on to the website on an iPad. You DON'T need to download the app again.

A very useful tool.

Best regards


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Hmmn. I tended to use Airdroid to link my phone and laptop, so tried this one out - haven't even found the Evernote integration yet, but already unhappy that as soon as the app was installed on my phone mysms synced all my contacts and saved texts to somewhere - hopefully just my laptop HD; will have to dig a little more to find out how much I just shared. If my contacts start getting spam too, there will be tears...

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I just tried mysms, and it appears as if you can only send messages to people within the mysms network. Is that correct?


It looks like, on the iPhone app you can't send a message except to those in your contact list, that is accessed by mysms, and that they want to send an invitation to your contact to join mysms. 


It's all very unclear to me.


Any thoughts from someone who has been using it, both on the web and the mobile app?



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