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(Archived) Evernote 5 Mac Beta Search, Adding Note and minimizing window, and the "Go to Mac Forum" button in preferences doesn't work



So I really like the new beta a lot. All though there are some really strange things that happen. ( I know its a beta).

1. When your searching for something with quotations when you highlight a previous search in the box and leave the first quotation it deletes it. Tedious, but annoying. It also stopped finding documents when I would close the statement with another quotation. Weird.

2. When I minimize Evernote, it seems to make multiple screens that I have searched for, at least four or five of them

3. Also when adding a note in card view, it doesn't actually pull up the blank note, it just adds it to the "untitled" section and you have to go find it.

4. Lastly, the "go to Mac Forum" doesn't work, an error pops up.

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+1 for #3 - adding a new note - would be nice if the new note would be selected rather than having to then go and select it. This also happens in the notebook view. When all you see is your notebooks, clicking the "New note in <name> notebook" appears to do nothing until you go into that notebook. Then you see your blank note.

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I updated this morning and still have all the same bugs. Not sure if I misread the message, but I thought it said that it is available to the public now. I still get multiple icons int he doc, and the search is very buggy. Sometimes quotations works, other times I can only put 1 quotation. If I close a quotation it stops the search, while other times it works. I know the context I am searching for is available too.

When it comes to creating a new note, if I switch notebooks it auto adds the note when I simply switch notebooks I want to add a note too.

Anyone else experiencing this after the update?

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