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  1. I noticed that if I share something from Android Chrome to Pocket, it gives me the option to tag what I just shared. Would evernote consider doing the same thing?
  2. Would you consider implementing note-level encryption, even if it contains attachments? I've seen blog posts about using Evernote to do your taxes, but I would never do that unless I could encrypt an entire note that contained PDFs or images. I don't know about anyone else, but I would really use this feature a lot.
  3. +1 multimarkdown support - especially now that I've discovered http://www.postach.io as a blogging platform that integrates with EN and supports markdown.
  4. Would you consider adding the ability to save the sort order when you save a search? For instance, it would be nice to add something like sort:"title:desc" to save the search sorted by title desc. Thanks!
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