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(Archived) How *should* I have done it?


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OK, before I start, I hold my hands up - this was 100% my stupid fault, but I thought I should mention it (i) to check how this *should* have been done (ii) to try and prevent it happening to anyone else and (iii) to see what I should be backing up.

Background: Computer runs like a dog some days - I know I have loads of stuff running but most days I use most of it - however I decided to create a second User where nothing much loads so if I know I'm in for a "fast as poss computer" day I could use this.

So, I'm on my new login and I need something from Evernote, I open Evernote and log in and am presented with a blank set of notebooks. I go investigating and see that Evernote store the data under each User's folder - as this is new user, no data there yet. Yes I could wait for days whilst it Syncs with website, but I decide to shortcut this. I only want one copy of data on my hard-drive so I edit the database to point to my old file location. Evernote pops up a note saying I may lose data. I ignore it! I still end up with blank screen where all my notebooks and data should be. No biggie says I, and I login using old User. Open its copy of Evernote and it too shows nothing. No probs, let it reload from web.

OK, so fastforward and Evernote has spent 2 days chugging away reloading everything - not a fun time - wish it was quicker but there's 27,000 notes to grab......

Then the gut wrench - I had a local folder - thankfully nothing important - but of course that's vanished into the ether :-(

So, my "don't panic, everything's on Evernote's servers" attitude takes a kick in the teeth - my questions -

What should I backup to ensure Local folders get saved.

How do you change data locations without wiping data

Would it be worth an "ah, your pointing me at a folder already containing Evernote data for this login - do you want me to load that" routine, rather than the existing, "wipe whatever's there"

Why is data stored per user rather than per Evernote login

How could I now change my data folder to point to a Dropbox folder, whilst maintaining all my downloaded data etc as I have Pack Rat keeping every copy of files in Dropbox and this would then also cover me backing up local folders in one fell swoop

Maybe you should add a second "Are you really sure, you will lose any Local Folders" pop up for muppets like me :-)

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What should I backup to ensure Local folders get saved.

A lot of questions - been answered on this forum if you use search.

Answer for most important one:

In Evernote Windows, copy the .exb file that has your username.

This will backup everything, including the local folders.

You can find it by selecting >Tools >Options >General Tab >Open Database folder

I let Carbonite do it daily and I will run a manual backup 2-3 times a week just to be on the safe side.

I keep the past 5 most recent backups

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Essentially what you tried to do would be the same as restoring from a backup. The difference, of course, is that you're trying to make two user profiles use the same database on the same computer.

Here's a thread on how to backup and restore on the Windows client. I've done this several times, including within the last month, so I can attest that it works. In fact, I did something very similar to what you tried to do. On one of my Windows XP computers, I added a different internal drive & loaded Windows 7 on it. So my main computer can now boot WinXP or Windows 7, depending upon which drive I boot from. Regardless which OS I boot, they both use the same Evernote database residing on my computer.

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How do you change data locations without wiping data

By treating it as a restore in the thread I linked to in above post and having current backups!!!


Why is data stored per user rather than per Evernote login

Actually, EN data is stored by EN login. Your exb file is login-name.exb. If you have used multiple logins on your Windows desktop, you'll have multiple exb files. However, when setting up a new Windows user, it's now stored by Windows user as well & is a Windows issue. After all, you *are* setting up a different user account. It's generally assumed if it's a different Windows user, they may want to have different data.

In my specific situation (having a dual boot computer that will use the same Evernote database on that computer, regardless which OS is booted up, here's what I did.


Your EN database location is found by going into Evernote, tools/options & general tab. My EN database folder resides on my V drive in the MyENFiles folder.

First thing I did was backup the entire v:\MyENFiles folder. (This is the one I'd been using for several years under WinXP). I then renamed v:\MyENFiles to v:\MyENFiles_20121007 (the date I was doing this). This way, I had two copies of my live EN folder and no v:\MyENFiles folder. (A girl can never be too rich, too thin or have too many backups...)

Then I installed EN on my new OS (Win7). I invoked EN under Win7 & logged in. It creates a new exb file & starts to download from the EN servers. I then change the newly installed (Win7) EN to point to v:\MyENFiles. (I don't remember if I stopped the download or not.) Since this folder no longer exists (because I renamed it), I don't get the wipe out existing data message. So now the Win7 Evernote is now pointing to v:\MyENFiles & has a newly created EN exb file that has only a few of my notes in it & none of the local notebooks. I fully exit EN (no elephant in the system task bar.) I deleted the NEWLY CREATED exb file (in v:\MyENFiles), which was confirmed by the created & modified date/time as well as the size of the file. (You could simply rename it to be cautious. But in my case, my live EN database is 32+ gigs & this one was only a few megs, so it was pretty clear it was not my live database.) I then COPIED (not cut) the exb file from v:\MyENFiles_20121007\ to v:\MyENFiles\ Now, both versions of Evernote are using the exb file located in v:\MyENFiles folder that contains my 52,000+ notes including my local (non-sync'd) notebooks. Now, if I boot to WinXP & add some notes to the local notebook, then boot to Win7 on that same computer, the newly added notes to my local notebooks are there.

Hope this makes sense.

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