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  1. Hi, It was itunes folder with all my apps in \iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications 22GB in size, no I didn't delete the files, It wouldn't download any file over 100Mb
  2. For some time Evernote Desktop - Windows, has been driving me mad - seriously slow to load then very frequent crashes. If I ever got it to open then left it open I would come back to find it had crashed again :-( Looked through the logs and spotted loads of "failed to upload cos files too big" - I had many years ago panicked at Apple not letting old phones load old versions of apps - article I read recommended saving the .ipa files should you ever need to load and older version - in my wisdom I set Evernote to Auto-upload the folder with them all in. - and promptly forgot about it. Ties in with the unattended crashing - sync was set to every 30 mins. Decided to remove folder from auto-uploads. Boy was that fun. Evernote running like a dog, every window I opened in the sequence to get to the sync folders option would "Not respond" and/or crash the damn program completely. Finally got to delete the offending auto-sync. Evernote runs like a dream and syncs really quickly. So..... sounds like error handling on sync is maybe causing a massive memory loss?
  3. Either double click the home button and close down evernote and try again, or delete the app and reload. One other thing to check is available space - I have found that Evernote misbehaves if you're getting short of space on the device. Try deleting something else to free space and see if the problem goes away.
  4. I have used Evernote for years and have every part of my life stored on it..... apart from photo's I just haven't found a way I liked to handle photos within Evernote. I then came across a brilliant company called Everpix - maybe the name grabbed me :-) Anyhow, been using them for a while and paid up a subscription I enjoyed it so much ( same as Evernote). I then get an email saying they are having to shut down due to inability to get extra funding. Gutted :-( Then I thought.... what if they could be merged into Evernote and solve all my storage needs in one?? Ya gotta be quick but if you truly want to "remember everything" then photos have to be included.... I have absolutely no ties with either company and am just an very avid user of both
  5. Sure Metrodon - a workaround - all I'm saying is I wish I din't have to. BurgersnFries says tough that's the way it works. I know all that. I just wish it worked differently. :-)
  6. :-) still not clear enough. I try to add a new note to a sync folder - it doesn't let me because I am at my limit to send to the cloud. I don't mind it not going to the cloud just yet - I am at my limit - however I would appreciate it letting me load my desktop client notebook with as much stuff as I wanted. e.g. I want to be able to load 30GB of notes to a notebook, have client moan until I cough up for 5 more GB that month, then sync 6GB to cloud, next month, pay for another 5GB, syncs another 6GB etc etc until all 30 is in the cloud. At present I can load 6GB into notebook, sync, then wait a month, scan in another 6GB and let that sync. If I am all set up to scan 30GB its maddening to keep having to resetup scanner each month to do a bit, then wait a month. If I scan to a folder independent of Evernote, it takes the 6GB and leaves the other files in the folder until next month. All I want is the same sort of behaviour using the internal "webcam" bit of Evernote - which loads directly to a notebook not a folder.
  7. I can understand that it won't sync any more because I've hit my limit, but it's a desktop client, so I would have thought I could load as many files as I want and then upload to the limit each month until everythings in sync
  8. OK..... but can't see why you can't pre-load a sync folder for the next sync. Weird.
  9. OK, I realise once I've hit my limits for the month (including paid extras!!) that stuff won't sync to the cloud - but why should it stop me loading into Evernote client ready for next months allowance :-( I am scanning loads of old negatives in and going way over even my 6GB allowance - I wanted to get everything scanned this weekend, then wait the 11 days to new month, fork out for another 5GB extra and let the next bunch upload, but the client keeps balking and saying "That isn't allowed because you're over limit" everything I try to add the scan to Evernote Using the "Webcam" interface - my scanner shows as a "camera" and has worked fine for ages. Please help!!
  10. Just a thought...... I use DropBox and pay for them to save old copies of all my files. If I MOVE the evernote files to a DropBox folder and then point Evernote there I presume Evernote will still work OK and I then gain the benefit of DropBox backing up old versions??
  11. Cheers for all of the above - didn't get any notifications anyone had replied - sorry So, basically DON'T IGNORE warnings ;-) and only play when you've plenty of backups :-)
  12. OK, before I start, I hold my hands up - this was 100% my stupid fault, but I thought I should mention it (i) to check how this *should* have been done (ii) to try and prevent it happening to anyone else and (iii) to see what I should be backing up. Background: Computer runs like a dog some days - I know I have loads of stuff running but most days I use most of it - however I decided to create a second User where nothing much loads so if I know I'm in for a "fast as poss computer" day I could use this. So, I'm on my new login and I need something from Evernote, I open Evernote and log in and am presented with a blank set of notebooks. I go investigating and see that Evernote store the data under each User's folder - as this is new user, no data there yet. Yes I could wait for days whilst it Syncs with website, but I decide to shortcut this. I only want one copy of data on my hard-drive so I edit the database to point to my old file location. Evernote pops up a note saying I may lose data. I ignore it! I still end up with blank screen where all my notebooks and data should be. No biggie says I, and I login using old User. Open its copy of Evernote and it too shows nothing. No probs, let it reload from web. OK, so fastforward and Evernote has spent 2 days chugging away reloading everything - not a fun time - wish it was quicker but there's 27,000 notes to grab...... Then the gut wrench - I had a local folder - thankfully nothing important - but of course that's vanished into the ether :-( So, my "don't panic, everything's on Evernote's servers" attitude takes a kick in the teeth - my questions - What should I backup to ensure Local folders get saved. How do you change data locations without wiping data Would it be worth an "ah, your pointing me at a folder already containing Evernote data for this login - do you want me to load that" routine, rather than the existing, "wipe whatever's there" Why is data stored per user rather than per Evernote login How could I now change my data folder to point to a Dropbox folder, whilst maintaining all my downloaded data etc as I have Pack Rat keeping every copy of files in Dropbox and this would then also cover me backing up local folders in one fell swoop Maybe you should add a second "Are you really sure, you will lose any Local Folders" pop up for muppets like me :-)
  13. What problems do you foresee ?? Thought this was exactly what notebook sharing was all about?
  14. Idoc - you need to buy a scanner ;-) I have turfed numerous boxes and filing cabinets since starting with Evernote :-) I do however LOVE your idea for hunting down physical objects :-)
  15. Cheers for that - so my idea to "backup" works database when the mdb file is constantly changing could result in 1000's of copies of the database if I set Evernote to Sync every 15 mins (As I have it set now to make sure all my data gets to the cloud ASAP when put in my "To Evernote" folder. Hmmmm may have to rethink that ;-)
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