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(Archived) Default sort "notes by"

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Please allow us to choose a default sort option or have it open with the last option active. This seems to be an issue on the PC desktop version (always reverts to "Notes by created") but not on my iPhone which stays sorted the way I set it as "Notes by updated".

Not a huge deal but would be nice to have.


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Hi emh1973, welcome to the forum :)

So, the Windows client fails to remember the sort order you set for notes?

This topic comes up every so often and the fix is usually quite simple.

Set your sort order and then exit Evernote by using the File -> Exit option.

This forces the settings to be saved in the registry and when you restart Evernote it should remember your sort order.


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I would like to make a suggestion.

It would be great if evernote would allow a sortint default BY NOTEBOOK.

Personnaly, I like to see some notebook in chronological sequence.

But some others, I would prefer to see them sorted alphabetically.

I have to change the sort everytime i swith notebook which is annoying.



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