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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could advise on how to open a note onto a new desktop on Mac automatically, please? When I use Evernote, it tends to be for note-taking from journal articles or from a web browser. Sometimes I'm dual-screening, but not always, which means I usually have the web browser/pdf file open on one half of the screen and an Evernote note on the other half of the screen. However, when I double-click on a note in the Evernote platform itself, it always opens it as a window in front of the Evernote platform, which is greyed out behind it. This means that to get
  2. No, I can't see the PDFs in the note at all. Which I thought originally was fine, as with encrypted pdfs I have only ever seen a pdf with a blank front page in the Windows versino. But it doesn't appear as though they are there at all because there's no 'Open With' or doubleclick option to open them in Adobe Reader. I can't see them as an attachment as I can in the mobile and web-based browsers, I just have a black line and a seemingly empty note. In the Info: Attachment Status it states that "1 PDF has not been indexed". ETA: Okay, now I feel silly. I closed down Evernote properly by clicki
  3. Hi, After some time away from Evernote, I have been catching up this weekend. I decided that I was going to take the plunge and put some sensitive(ish) pdfs into Evernote, but decided to encrypt and password protect the PDFs beforehand. Then I realised that there was an update and updated to v5 and later 5.0.3. I've just tried to return to those pdfs and discovered that none of them have been indexed, despite me syncing multiple times. Thankfully, they're available on the web-based version and also on my phone (so presumably also on my tablet), so the problem seems to be with the Windows ver
  4. I'm old school. I like to mind map with a pen in my hand, so I just do it on a big whiteboard and snap a picture of it. With larger ones I'll use freemind.
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