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(Archived) Question About Evernote Premium

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Hey guys, just have a quick question on Evernote Premium. If I were to just buy a one month of premium, would I get a GB for only that month or would I still be able to use that 1 GB forever. 60 mb is a little low on what I need per month, but 1 GB would be MORE than enough for what I will ever need to use. So I guess I'm just curious as to whether or not I can pay the one time 4.99 charge and get to use that one GB for as long as I want or until it runs out. It can go back to giving me 60 MB after that. Just as long as I get to keep that GB that I paid for. Not a new GB ever single month

Sorry if this is somewhat confusing. I hope you understand what I mean.


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The amount per month refers to uploads (new notes, or edited existing notes). If you revert back to the free user status after one month, you will be able to continue reading the GB you uploaded for as long as you have Evernote.

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So I get to keep everything that I upload in that month and then it goes back? So lets say I upload half a gig worth of information, after the month I will be able to keep the info but not that unused half gig?

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Apologies for reposting, but there were no responses after 1 1/2 days....

I see that collaboration is available under the Premium plan. Do all collaborators need to be a Premium users, or just the user doing the initial sharing?


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