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(Archived) IFTTT: current date in the title?

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I keep a running daily log of events with this wonderful Android app: WriteNote (free), WriteNotePro (paid). What it does: creates a new note (if it does not exist) with a title you choose, like "diary" or today's date, and you can add entries to this note with time stamps, or even pictures (paid version).

Quick and easy.

There are also things that I'd like to add to this note automatically via IFTTT: my calender entries or checkins. And it is possible, if the name of the note is fixed ("daily log"). The drawback however is that every evening I have to rename it manually to 20121017, in order to separate things I've done today from things that will be done tomorrow.

I wonder if there is a way to automatically use current date as a title in IFTTT? I tried to put yyyyMMdd, but it does not work (creates a note titled yyyyMMdd, and not 20121017). <yyyyMMdd> does not work either (brackets are not accepted).

Many thanks for your suggestions.

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I'd say this is more of an IFTT issue than an Evernote matter,  and unless someone else had the same problem and found an answer,  all you're going to get here is tumbleweed...  Have you tried IFTT support or user groups?

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