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(Archived) Evernote for Android 4.3 Beta 2


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Hi All,

Thank you for the feedback and we have implemented some of them and still working on remaining one.

In this beta we have added

- A new widget option - Widget Grid in the widget app. We are still experimenting with an option where user can choose more buttons and different sizes and shapes for a widget. This feature is available OS 3.0+.

- A new Notebook offline multi-select mode. Makes it easy for our premium users to change Notebook offline settings.

Here are the links to download:



Please give it a try and let us know your feedback.

Thank you.

Hemant G

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Action bar -> Still can't create a tag when viewing tags like you can with notebooks in the action bar

Formatting when editing -> Now when editing a note in landscape, you can highlight text and format it, since it is not hidden anymore.

Login Screen -> Changed again. Looks like it fits better on a tablet. Matches the login slideshow on windows.

Just noticed a new offline notebooks option as well.

Select notebooks -> 3 dots button -> Offline Notebooks option -> From here you can select them, and if you tap the count of offline notebooks, you can select all or none.

Awesome new addition! :)

I'm sure people will love this option, I definitely remember seeing threads about it.


- Sorting dropdown when viewing notes

Choosing sort by Date Updated actually sorts by Date Created

You can see this by choosing date updated, then choosing other - You will see created is selected.


- The new grid option is cool, many more options for new notes :)

- I did struggle to find it initially since it wasn't grouped with the other widget options. In fact the old EN widget options got in the way, and I have learnt to ignore them, so that is why I didn't see it at first.

Why are the old ones still there anyway?

p.s need to un pin the old thread, and pin this one ;)

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I had two issues I stated earlier that dont seem to have been considered/included:

The fact that the indent feature only works after selecting either a number or bullet outline option does not make sense to me. With the windows version, I often create a title, and indent my text under that using the indent feature. I dont need bullets or number list in that case. Now I cannot do that: I can only indent a bullet or number list with this command. Why not take the indent back to the top level, like in the Windows version, to keep its functionality more global, and also to be consistant with the at least the windows GUI.

When adding tags, the type ahead only starts working after the second character... why not make it so it starts after the first? This would help a lot for people who might not use common words for tags, and are not immediatly sure of the second character of their tags... Again, the Windows tagging works the way I suggest here, and I dont think it is good design to have basic userface features be fundamentally different between platforms if not forced to by the operating platform.

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Please don't ship this without making it easier to save a note. Either put back the "Done" button or have the "back" button save. I'd prefer having the back button save because it's what android users expect (or at least what I expect from an easy to use app). In this beta, it's way easier to throw away changes than to save a note.

The iPhone version of this app doesn't have this problem. With the iPhone version you just hit the back button. With the iPad version, you don't even have to hit a back button, you can just tap another note (just trying to make my point).


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