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  1. You are right. Evernote note level search is not yet integrated with global Google search on Android. Its coming. Thanks, Hemant
  2. "Email a note" sends a request to Evernote service to send the note as an email. Action_send doesnt guarantee that the catching application would preserve the note format.
  3. Are you using your Amazon Fire while it is connected to your PC?
  4. From android client you can change the notebook while creating/editing a note. The option to change Notebook is present next to tag, attachment, camera options on note composer screen. Yes, android client doesnt have a feature to set the default notebook.
  5. we have found the root cause and fixed problems with note loss while editing and syncing the note. Pls try the new beta and let us know your feedback. viewtopic.php?f=51&t=29760 Thanks, Hemant
  6. Hi Guys, We apologies for a delayed response. When a note is composed and saved, we create a local copy and save it in the sdcard. Now we wait for the network to be available to sync the note with the server. User can access this note from the notelist at any given point. We even take care of merging the note if the same note was modified on some other client. It is very unfortunate that you lost your data after editing it. And we are going to try every possible effort to reproduce the issue, find the root cause and fix it. Thanks, Hemant Android developer
  7. Hi Guys, We use standard Android api to get path of the sdcard. Its sad that couple of devices including Toshiba returns path of the internal file system instead of SDcard path. We will look into it and investigate if there is any clean solution. Thanks, Hemant
  8. Hi Guys, Yes, Evernote doesnt let screen timeout only while creating or editing a note. You can use a workaround to switch off/on the screen by pressing the power key (press only once). The reason is that some users prefer that the screen must not time out to let them enter the text without unlocking the screen. Some users might have a phone lock and it becomes painful to enter the pin again and again while taking notes in a meeting. Thanks, Hemant
  9. Dear User, 1GB is not the download limit. You can sync all of your notebooks to the Android client (depending on your phone's memory). This will not consume your monthly upload quota.
  10. We have identified and fixed couple of n/w connection and sync related problems. The fix will be provided in the next update. Pls look for Android 3.0 Beta 1 release in 2-3 days which will have better n/w performance. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks, Hemant Android Developer.
  11. Dear Users, Right now we are concentrating on improving the performance and we will soon post the updates. Thank you for keeping patience, Hemant Android Developer, Evernote
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