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  1. Hi All, Thank you for the feedback and we have implemented some of them and still working on remaining one. In this beta we have added - A new widget option - Widget Grid in the widget app. We are still experimenting with an option where user can choose more buttons and different sizes and shapes for a widget. This feature is available OS 3.0+. - A new Notebook offline multi-select mode. Makes it easy for our premium users to change Notebook offline settings. Here are the links to download: http://s.evernote.com/androidpreview http://s.evernote.com/widgetpreview Please give it a try and let us know your feedback. Thank you. Hemant G
  2. Hi All, I am very excited to introduce 4.3 Beta1 to you. The theme of 4.3 is to have more visible actions on every screen. Main changes are - Action Bar. On tablet, we are moving towards adapting Android's Action bar. So you will see a unified action bar across the panels (Home, Tags/Notebooks/Places & Notelist panel). You will notice that the Action bar changes its content to adapt the current focused panel. Note composer. We added action bar, simplified the toolbar by separating the text options, composer options & note property options, better audio recording feedback and some more minor changes. You will find note property specific actions like tag, notebook in more menu. Capture options are aggregated and moved to + button in action bar. New Landing screen, Login & Registration screens. This could be seen only if you logout. Here are the links to download: http://s.evernote.com/androidpreview http://s.evernote.com/skitchpreview Please give it a try and let us know your feedback. Again this is fresh out of oven and would get more icing over the time. Thank you. Hemant G
  3. We thought abt having long press for "save n continue" but we were not sure if people would be able to discover it. We are still experimenting with the buttons. Give us your thoughts.
  4. Hi Mathew, The bug is found and fix would be available in next release. Thanks, Hemant Android Lead Evernote
  5. You are right. Evernote note level search is not yet integrated with global Google search on Android. Its coming. Thanks, Hemant
  6. Hi Guys, Pls send us logs with the problem in email subject. If possible pls provide this information as well. When does the crash happen - - The moment you open the new note. - The moment you see some auto-title. - After you hit "save" icon? - After you hit "done" icon? Is your device's location services enabled? Thanks, Hemant
  7. We have never came across such an issue. Pl send us logs and we will investigate this. Also, we have introduced a new feature - "save and continue" where users can keep saving their work without exiting the note. Thanks, Hemant
  8. "Email a note" sends a request to Evernote service to send the note as an email. Action_send doesnt guarantee that the catching application would preserve the note format.
  9. Hi, As of now, we have 2 different modes - view and edit note. Edit is a temporary state where you can modify the note and then send it to server for saving it. I do understand your request and we are thinking abt ways to make view and edit be same for different kind of notes. Thanks, Hemant Android Lead
  10. This looks like a hidden bug in search. We have tried some fix which would be available in next release - 3.5 beta 2. Pls send me some logs when you try to open the first note with pdf. Thanks, Hemant Android Lead
  11. Hi Guys, Can any one of you send me a video of the problem - android-preview@evernote.com? Also, do you have the same problem with Gmail app on the same phone? Thanks, Hemant Android Lead.
  12. Hi, Thanks for giving the feedback. How would you use "copy note" functionality? What do you generally have in your note template - any specific text, tag, Notebook? Thanks, Hemant Android Lead
  13. Mostly likely your sdcard is not connected properly. Pls send us logs. Thanks, Hemant Android Lead
  14. Hi Mathew, I apologies for the note content loss. If the note has failed to upload then the note is still protected in the phone. You can access the files from sdcard/Evernote/unsavednotes/ We have not seen any issues with large images in the past. Do you still see that note on your phone? Pls check if you are not running out on your quota. If not then send us the logs to check the issue. http://discussion.ev...gs-to-evernote/ Thanks, Hemant Android Lead Evernote
  15. Hi Keith. It was intended to show the exact location but somehow it was broken. Your idea is even better. I have made the changes to show the note title along with the exact location pin. The change would be available in next Evernote update. Thanks, Hemant Android Lead Evernote
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