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(Archived) Speech to text doesn't work for me

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Dear EverNote Community ~

I'm a brand-new EverNote user, with a brand-new Google Nexus 7. Speech to text is not working for me. I'm apparently failing to connect some basic dots. Here';s what I have tried:


I start a new note. I click the microphone button. The square-in-circle icon appears in the bar below the text pane. I talk. I hit the square-in-circle icon. A new speaker icon appears above the text pane. I click on the speaker icon. A panel pops up offering me "View" and "Remove" options. I click "View". The audio plays back.

But NO TEXT TRANSLATION APPEARS. And I can't find any way to make it appear.


In that same note, I click the microphone-in-comic-book-speech-cloud icon (just left of the microphone icon). The square-in-circle icon appears in the bar below the text pane. I talk. I hit the square-in-circle icon. No new speaker icon appears. Apparently this has not been recorded at all.

So somebody please explain: How to get the recoreded speech translated into text??

~ Thanks in advance for your help

~ Ken

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In my Nexus tablet, if I tap the light-bulb icon, a panel labeled "Explore Evernote" pops up. One of the options there is "Speech to Text", with a subtitle that says "Sometimes it's easier to speak your idea than tap it out." If i tap on that item, I get something that adds "With Speech to Text, Evernote turns your spoken words into easy to find text." That leads me to expect speech-to-text translation. So I tap on that, and say some stuff, and...

AHA! It turns what I said into text!!

As a listener, it's pretty fragile. If I type anything, or apparently even if I just speak too long a sentence or wait too long between utterances or move the cursor, it stops listening. And unfortunately, the little box that implies it's listening stays visible and even keeps flashing when I speak. So I have to push the microphone-in-comic-book-speech-cloud icon again to recapture its attention. And of course there are many errors in the translation, but the text probably will be editable into what I wanted to say.

So: Speech-to-text does work! But it will take some learning (on my part) to get it to work reliably.

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I've been a happy Android-er (Androidian?) for over a year now, and only just picked up on this option. The "microphone-in-comic-book-speech-cloud" icon is available in the Evernote Widget and the edit toolbar, but is singularly uninspiring when you use it. Hit the icon.. talk.. wait for a while.. watch three little dots on screen while the process is running.. and.. get a (surprisingly good) approximation of what you just said on screen. Patience is the main requirement though - the lack of immediate visible activity led me to scrap any number of notes before I actually saw my words in print. No doubt it will get better, but given the need to correct the text for many technical and foreign phrases I find it's useful for very short and temporary notes only.

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