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  1. Ah, I get it: tags are the best organizers. Thanks DTLow.
  2. I'm using evernote on Windows 7 and on an Android tablet (Nexus 7). Oh, I see - my notes that I didn't think were in any notebook are in the catchall one called "kenatsun's notebook". So I was able to remove my note from the wrong notebook by moving it (by drag-and-drop, on Windows) to "kenatsun's notebook". Thanks, s2sailor. BTW, is there any way to put the same note in more than one notebook? I don't mean by making a copy; I mean a single note that is in multiple notebooks, so any edits to it show up no matter which notebook you access it from.
  3. I have added a note to a notebook where it doesn't belong. How can I remove the note from that notebook without deleting the note?
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