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(Archived) Email content to a specific note within a notebook

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I keep a daily journal on Evernote and as it is sometimes hard to open the note at the top so I might insert a new entry I wondered if it made more sense to email the item identifying both the notebook and the specific note.

I know the @ symbol allows me to send it to a notebook but how can I send the item to a specific note within a notebook.

Thank you

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I believe this is possible from email -> http://ifttt.com -> append to Evernote.

It involves another step, and it might just addict you to ifttt :)

The trick is to send an email to ifttt using the same exact email address that you signed up to them with. I suggest the trigger <Email> "Send IFTTT an email tagged" (#Journal), then the response <Evernote> "Append to note" and fill in the details of the note you want to create.

I created a recipe for this, and you can customize it to some extent or create your own from scratch. You can also make it so you can send an SMS->Evernote, amongst many, many other options. But given the diary thing, SMS->IFTTT->Evernote makes sense!

https://ifttt.com/recipes/69317 (Email->IFTTT->Evernote)

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