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  1. There's a way to JUST get a link to the email, rather than copy-paste the body of an email, too. (credit: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20071118154803739 for what led me to this...) 1. Choose Preferences from the Mail menu. 2. Switch to the Viewing pane in the preferences window. 3. Choose "Custom" from the "Show header detail" pop-up menu. 4. Click the plus (+) symbol in the lower-left corner, then enter "Message-ID" in the space provided. Click OK to save. 5. In mail, viewing the email, you see the Message-ID field. Double or triple click to select the line, then paste into Evernote. Link! Bug: I could not use message://<id> in the right-click Link... in Evernote to make a custom text link to the email. It accepts evernote:// links of course (Note Links) so it could accept message:// links. Of course this probably(?) won't work on the iPad -- but the Message-ID of an email is THE SAME ON ALL DEVICES -- so if Apple was bright (sometimes they are...), it might....as long as that email is in your iPad's mail app...
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