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(Archived) Is there anyway to title a note that I Email to Evernote?

Rocket J. Squirrel


I often Email notes to evernote. The subject line contains the name of the notebook in which I want the note to go and it includes any pre-existing tags that I want to put into the note.

Evernote may have updated things since I started doing this, but is there a way to title the note I'm sending so that it appears with that title in Evernote rather than with the generic title "Mailed in Note"?

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That was a flashback. Thanks!

You might also want to look into IFTTT. I believe you can set up recipes to do things like take any email you receive (I BCC myself with emails I send) and append things to the note title when it automatically gets sent on into Evernote for you. If you play around with it, you'll see it has lots of possibilities. There are restrictions on email sizes and so forth, though, so you'll want to experiment a bit before diving into it.

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