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(Archived) [mac bug report] FONT STYLE CHANGE DOESNOT WORK!



Well, this has been an old bug and I've been waiting for the Evernote test engineer finding it himself. However, after 6 months of waiting, now I decide to report this bug, which is really annoying!

To reproduce the bug,

1. just input the first line of text in size 13 and then the second line in size 12.

2. select the first line and the second line, and then try to set both lines to size 12.

Now you will find it impossible. Because the current value in the font size drop-down list is 12, and the UI “cleverly” prevents you to change from 12 to 12. Although what you actually wanted is to change the text from mixed sizes of 12 and 13 to uniform size of 12.

The same problems happen to font family as well!

When this can be fixed and built into the release? Look forward to it!

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Hi. Thanks for reporting this. You'll find occasional font idiosyncracies when mixing families and sizes. The best solution I have found is to select all, turn on FormatMatch (free), cut, and then paste. Sometimes, I just create a new note to make sure absolutely no artifacts remain inside the note.

Is this ideal? Definitely not. However, it is a useful workaround. I suspect font,spacing, and other problems will take some time to iron out of the application. I don't know of the technical issues firsthand (besides viewing the enml), but they are probably quite tricky, or the developers would have solved them already.

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