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  1. I just realized that the latest version of Evernote Mac v.6.0.5 supports partial-search within a page now!!! Sometimes, global partial search also works! Thanks for Evernote listening to users! I want to express my thanks to the very person who identified the significance of this issue and made it changed within the Evernote team! I hereby thank you on behalf of all the German users!!
  2. Thanks all for replying! I knew these two workarounds, but they're not as convenient as before. Previously after doing a scoped search, I could return to all notes just by two continuous clicks, first on the "Clear" button and then on the "All Notes" button. They are placed at the same place. I could return to all notes in 1 second. And now, it's at least 4 second... As I have so many notes, I cannot accept this overhead.
  3. This button is convenient for me. I know I could still click on the menu and select "All Notes", but for an intensive user, this one more step is too much for our everyday use! Please consider get it back!
  4. @JMichael, What you entered are the visible words. But this problem most probably lies in the invisible format. Anyway Thanks for your effort! I'll submit the bug using the link you provided. Thanks!
  5. @JMichael, I just test it again and pinpoint the root cause. The problem is Evernote cannot not behave correctly with the format A below (but format B is no problem). A: <div><span style="font: 12.0px 'Any Font'">word1 word2 </span></div> B: <div><span style="font: 12.0px; 'Any Font'">word1 word2 </span></div> Note that the only difference between A and B is B has an additional semicolon( between "font:12.0px" and "'Any Font'". Please forward this message to the developers from Evernote directly. They should know the problem now. Once again, I say this is a serious bug because it's not that only the occurrence of the "word1" and "word2" in the line cannot be serached, "word1"s and "word2"s appearing elsewhere in the same note (if any) cannot be searched!!
  6. 1. No. The problem line was copied from a RTF file. (Comment: When RTF text is pasted in Evernote, I guess Evernote will do an automatic conversion to keep the format as far as possible.) 2. No. The words copied from RTF are all not searchable. But I think the problem is the format, not the words. Because if you enter some other words in the same line, they will become unsearchable too. 3. Yes, from Word. But I don't think it has anything to do with Word. Because after I have pasted the RTF text, it's already been converted to HTML format. It really has something to do the HTML format. Thank you for your help!
  7. @JMichael, Thanks for your voluntary work for us! I'm sorry I'm irritating this time because I am hurrying up for a deadline on Monday, and this bug (I would call it a serious bug as you can see I cannot get back the data I fed it) screws me up. I hope this bug could be fixed as soon as possible because otherwise other users will also suffer from it, that's why I spent nearly one hour yesterday narrowing down, pinpointing the bug and finally formalizing it in a minimal description that programmers would welcome, even when I was under pressure. I supposed there should be Evernote employees here watching feedback from the users. I hope Evernote could do more instead of relying on voluteers to collect user feedback for them.
  8. Seems that you did not understand what I said. Well, if you insist on providing the information, please check out below, although I think I've already provided it to you in a more professional way. Well, let's see how you could help me with the following information: 1. My Mac OS version is 10.10.1 (14B25) 2. My Evernote version is 6.0.2 (451140 Direct) 3. The text that contains the words you are searching for: See content inside the brackets (not including the brackets) {{ every word appearing in the second line cannot be searched search word search problem}}4. My search text/express: either of these words: word, search, problem download my evernote file and import it and you will find out.
  9. download my evernote file and import it and you will find out.
  10. 1. latest version 2. latest version 3. it has nothing to do with the text itself, but the formatting. as i mentioned, the second line was copied from rtf. i guess this is the problem. 4. and again. it's text-independent. any word on the second line cannot be searched. see attachment please. test.enex.zip
  11. I found a serious bug of the latest mac version. I wrote two lines in my evernote (one is copied from html and the other copied from rtf). The problems is that each word appeared in the second line (the rtf line) cannot be searched. I could send you the sample file if you leave me a email address. Please fit this problem. Otherwise my content becomes dead content stored in your software.
  12. sorry for posting here, because I did not find the button to post new topic. I found a serious bug of the latest mac version. I wrote two lines in my evernote. All words in the second line cannot be searched. I could send you the sample file if you leave me a email address.
  13. Type the phrase "Subject to" including the quotes. Jackolicious, as an veteran user, I've already tried, but it does not always work. I just did a test some minute ago, it seems that "subject to" is a special case that quoted search does not work. I tried three phrases: subject toit ishello all it is can be retrieved with "it is"hello all can be retrieved with "hello all"but subject to cannot be retreived with "subject to" Thank you for making progress in offering new features! But please do more test before release!
  14. I am an intensive user with 500 notes. Today I updated to the latest version of 5.6.0. When I tried to search "subject to" in my evernote, I got missed. About 2 or 3 years before, the global search worked fine: both exact search and partly search were supported. But later your talented designer limited the capability of global search to only OR search, which means if I wanted to search "subject to", I have to use the global search for "subject" and then for each of the results, try to find "subject to" using the in-page search -- at that time, exact search was still maintained for in-page search. However, today, your talented designer made a step further! Even in-page search is deprived of EXACT search capability! Please tell me how could I locate my notes with the phrase "subject to"? Don't tell me it's a technical problem or in the sake of efficiency. OneNote supports both EXACT and PARTLY search!! Suppose how your user would frustrate if he keeps feeding information in your software, but your software cannot retrieve the right note for him when he really needs it! No one will use a note software in which information entered is like being thrown into the sea!
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